Weekly Meal Plan

Jul 1 2018


Even though I am gone, I have taken the habit of sharing ideas for weekly meal plans. I hope it will help you as much as it saves me from headaches and stressing situation!

Monday: Hummus plate with crudités, pitta bread and cut meats. I like to start the week on an easy note. This hummus is super easy to assemble and served with pittas, cut meat and a nice green leafy salad is a really nice meal. Using store bought hummus will make it even easier!

Tuesday:  Fried Zucchini Blossom.  These may sound scary to prepare but I promise you its way easier than you think. Squash blossom are in season right now and super delicious. Served with procsiutto, pickled veggies (store bought) lavash bread and parmesan and arugula salad is a nice summer dinner.

Wednesday: Salmon Burgers with Pineapple Slaw. I just posted the video for this one and this is the perfect meal for July4 th bbq and celebrations. It feeds a crowd and will make everyone ask for seconds.

Thursday:  Chicken Milanese.This is my take on chicken Milanese, using fresh herbs and mustard gives it extra flavor. The chicken can be prepped a day before if needed and cooked later.

Friday:  Lemon Basil Pasta. Fresh and delicious, this feels like Italy on a plate! Most of my dinners always go along with a nice green and simple salad, just to mkae sure we have enough veggies. I might make this with zucchini noodles for me and regular for kids.

Saturday: Summer Frittata. I usually make fritter for lunch but dinner sounds good as well, right?

Sunday:  Cauliflower mushroom bowls. Sundays have to be easy, because who want to cook on Sunday night! This can be dine family style so everyone is happy


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