Weekly Meal Plan

Jul 8 2018


This week I have tried a couples of new recipes that are just perfect for summer time.

Monday: Beet Tart.  This one is a newbie which super easy to make if you use store bought pie dough and is absolutely delicious. I love savory tarts, they are always a great way to make something original for dinner or lunch!

Tuesday: Kale tacos. Tacos is always a good idea for Tuesdays!! I might throw in some Mexican rice and beans and guacamole as well!! We'll see what kids feel like.

Wednesday:  Chicken with corn and cucumber salsa.This is also a new one and I am posting video on Wednesday to show you how easy it is. The salad is super fresh and has tons of different flavors that go perfectly well together fur summer nights.

Thursday: Avocado Caprese. I tasted this at the club that we belong to and it became on elf my favorite!! I might do some corn fritters alongside or maybe turkey hotdogs or something for kiddos.

Friday: Mini Grilled Hawaian sandwiches with coleslaw. Summer has to be easy when it comes to cooking, sometimes I like to play it super easy, this is it!

Saturday: 1 Sheet salmon and veggies. I like 1 sheet pan, you can prep your veggies way in advance so here you just have to season it all and add olive oil, throw it in the oven and done!

Sunday: Pad Thai. I grew up in Europe where there are a lot of Asian inspired food restaurants and I guess you can see that in my recipes. The sis a really good one that I have tried to simplified as much as possible without compromising the flavors.

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