Weekly Meal Plan

Aug 12 2018


Summer is still on and the weather is hot here in LA. Menu this week will feature fresh dinner salads, cold soup and an easy Paella. After my summer in Europe I thought I would attempt to simplify and make an easy paella. It took a few tries but it finally turned out really good and relatively easy to make! You will see the full video on Wednesday! This week looks like a lot of new recipes are coming up on the site, you might need to be patient as I will post as I go, but always feel free to check the recipe browser for inspiration!!

Monday: Cold Cucumber Soup with pickled veggies. I will make this first thing in the morning so it will have time to be really cold for dinner. I will post as soon I make it!

Tuesday:  Grilled Halibut Niçoise. I never thought of making this salad with halibut but I read it in Bon Appétit Magazine and it looked delicious, so why not... (Check this Salmon Niçoise if you want to know how to make it right away, otherwise, I will post on Tuesday!)

Wednesday:  Paella, straight from Spain!! Come and check the blog and my YouTube channel to see how to make this!!

Thursday: Asian Rice Noodles Salad. New recipe alert that will come soon. Basically I will cook some rice noodles and add a lot of raw veggies such as carrots, radishes, cucumbers, some cilantro and make a sesame peanut dressing.

Friday:  Spiced Lamb Burgers. This is based on a recipe form my blog ( lamb meatballs) but I will grill them in pitta pocket breads and serve it with a cucumber salad.

Saturday:  Chopped Dinner Salad with Crispy Chickpeas. I think the crispy chickpeas will add a nice touch to this recipe!!!

Sunday: Sweet and Spicy ChickenMaybe some baked sweet potatoes and an asian slaw on the side will pair very nicely together!


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