Weekly meal plan

Nov 25 2018


Post Thanksgiving week is gonna be good feel food that will help our tummy to recover from all the feast, food and wine!!!

Monday: Indian curry meatballs. Super easy one pot meal with turkey meatballs and added veggies in there. Turmeric and ginger are the star of this dish and so good for us. I will post in the morning for whoever wants to follow and will also share the steps on my insta stories.

Tuesday: Korean noodles with tempeh and pickled veggies. This is just assembling all the goodies I get from this main vendor at the farmers market. All his food are full of probiotics and nutrients that are feel good tummy!

Wednesday: Asian pesto ramen. Using soba here and adding some greens and leafy veggies makes it super yummy and complete meal.

Thursday: Beet and feta tart. This is an easy one to assemble, plus I love beets so much... If you don't like feta, goat cheese works great here as well!!

Friday: Beef kebabs My kids do ask for red meat and as I like to keep them open minded with food, even though I don't really eat red meat anymore, i prepare it for them. For those kind of nights I will prepare extra veggies, maybe like a roasted veggie platter, so everyone is happy.

Saturday: Cauliflower hash and eggs. We usually have this for lunch, but why not for dinner once...

Sunday: Peas and chickpeas with quinoa or rice and soy sauce. Clean, easy, family style, this is perfect for a Sunday night.

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