Weekly Meal Plan

Mar 11 2018


Making the menus for the week when you are sick is not the easiest thing, right?! But as moms, we got to do what we got to do! So it will be really simple and back to basics for the coming days, at least until I am 100% back on my feet!!!

The way I organize my week is that I usually do a big batch grocery shopping on Mondays and Fridays and occasionally pop in the store in between if I need something fresh. This way I will cook meat and fish as close as possible the days I am shopping. If I feel like fish on a different day, as I said I can always do a quick run!

Monday:  Minestrone. Cannot escape my ritual Monday night soup, if you haven't tried it, I strongly suggest you do and you'll see that you will get hooked as well!

Tuesday:  Purple Corn Chicken Enchiladas. Dinner will be based on the attached recipe, but I will adapt as I have been wanting to try these purple for tortillas for a while. Plus it will look so pretty!!!

Wednesday:  Asian Turkey Meatballs with mixed veggies ( not sure yet which veggies, it will depend on what I find at the farmers market that day! Check my instagram stories that day to see.)

Thursday:  Spring Vegetables Risotto. This will be based on the linked recipe but I might adapt depending on the vegetable I find a the farmers market. Basically this recipe can work with many options, as the base is always the same so feel free to use what I mention or what you have at hand.

Friday: Asian Flavored Steamed Fish, with steamed spinach and grilled asparagus.

Saturday: Pheasant dinner. I have been promising friends to make a typical Belgian dish with pheasant and belgian endives. I do not think this is a recipe that will come on the blog as it is not in my usual crave and cook zone. Nonetheless I will share on my instagram and if I see that you want it, then I will gladly do!

Sunday: Slurpee Noodles. Perfectly easy for a Sunday night dinner, because who wants to cook on Sunday!!!

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