Weekly meal plan

Dec 2 2018


The weather is finally get a bit cooler around here, which means it is time for heartier dishes and stews....

Monday: Butternut squash and apple soupI haven't made this one a while and sounds perfect. It is super creamy kind of texture ( without any added cream) and thick and smooth. I am getting hungry just thinking about it!

Tuesday: Beef tacos. I will grill some flank steak, cut it super thinly and top it on a tortilla with yummy guacamole and slaw.

Wednesday: Sausages, mash and apple sauce. This is a typical Belgian dish (I grew up on it) and my kids are crazy about it. Dinner does not always have to be super complicated, sometimes simplicity is just perfect!

Thursday: Chicken and rice stew. I am testing a recipient with my instant pot that I am attaching here. Looks really easy and delicious. If it works out, I will adapt and post, meanwhile feel free to give this one a try!

 Friday: Pasta with turkey sausages, broccoli and spinach. I will make this recipe and simply add some spinach for an extra serving of veggies.

Saturday: Sweet potato and veggies lasagna I will use sweet potatoes instead of noodles and replace the meat with tons of veggies such as mushrooms, zucchinis and eggplant. I feel like exposing my kids to meatless days and as much veggies as possible is always a good idea.

Sunday: Smoked salon and quinoa bowls. These are kind kitchen sink bowl. I will sort of empty the fridge to make these and turn leftovers into a delicious dinner. My kids love smoked salmon, so I will simply put together some quinoa, cooked spinach, topped with avocados, smoked salmon and will serve a crudités plate alongside. Also maybe seaweeds and sesame seeds with be a great addition. DIY is always a great idea especially on Sunday night!

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