Weekly meal plan

Jan 6 2019


I think I am like everyone out there in the world coming up with new year resolution about being really healthy and eating clean. We mostly do in our house but every year in January I always turn it up a notch and prepare as clean as possible meals.

Monday: Vegetable soup. Time to make sure we get our 10 a day, there will be at least 6-8 servings in here....

Tuesday: Salmon burgers. Using smoked salmon to give extra taste her and not serving it with the salsa either, stay tuned to see how it turned out.

Wednesday: "Cleaned up" but still delicious Mc and Cheese. This is is a new recipe and video coming up on Wednesday and it will surprise you how delicious it is even though I cleaned it up a lot!!!

Thursday:  Orange chicken. This is one of my kids' favorite and request. This is also part of our resolutions, they get to choose 1 - 2 dinners a week and don't complain about the other nights...

Friday:  Quinoa Fried rice. Another easy way to get their veggie servings easily, pulpit makes everyone happy. I usually have mine with cauliflower rice.

Saturday:  Curry veggies. This is so creamy, a bit spicy and super flavorful at the same time. With Naan bread and brown rice, this makes a really yummy dinner. I think I will try to make this recipe in the slow cooker, on low for 4 hours and see how it turns out.

Sunday: DIY Sunday night bowls. This is always my favorite meal because I get to use all the leftovers from the week, transform them into something delicious and everybody loves it. I know how a lot of people feel about eating leftovers, but with a bit of either soy sauce, chili flakes, lemon, pesto, hummus or anything similar, you can transform a dish really easily.

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