Weekly Meal Plan

Feb 11 2018


Sunday again and looking at the coming week... Hmmmmm, what should we have for dinner? Sometimes I get tired of cooking and need a break, when I do, I usually go for easy meals and uncomplicated recipes!! It's gonna be an all easy meals this week, because sometimes mama needs a break!!!


Shiitake, tofu and spinach soup. I will post the recipe and video tomorrow.


Shrimp tacos for kiddos, and mushrooms lentils and kale tacos for me! I've adapted the recipe I posted a few weeks ago by simply adding lentils to it!!!


Pot pies adapted from my cookbook with a kale caesar salad and a yummy chocolate cake (I am working on the recipe right now) with coconut whipped cream and toasted coconut flakes.


Turkey meatballs with lemony - garlic rice and roasted squash. I've adapted these recipes from Nutritious Delicious cookbook from Test Kitchen, I am still using this book and loving it!


Stir fry sweet potatoes, mushroom and eggplants. Trying something new, if it turns out good, I will share. Otherwise check all the stir fry posted on my blog, great options and by far the easiest dinner ever!


Pizza Night!! Homemade dough, but still!!! For those who cannot bother, wholeFoods and Trader Joe sell delicious pizza dough and all the goodies to put on top and it is super good!


Salmon and veggies bowl on wild rice! I will post the recipe but it is basically the same as the pokes, except I cook the salmon, otherwise I add all the same veggies and sides. Oh and I also will give it  a try with wild rice this time...We'll see how it turns out.


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