Weekly Menu Planner

Oct 9 2017


Here we go at it again : my weekly menu planner. It makes me happy to hear the positive feedback this planner has been having! Let's Eat!

Monday :

Breakfast : Smoothie bowl, topped with fresh fruits ( a statement in my house and so easy to prepare)

Lunch: Caprese salad, with prosciutto

Dinner: Turkey sausages with a mash duo, carrots and parsnips


Breakfast: Muffins ( recipe from sweet potato chronicles)

Lunch: Turkey meatballs, with carrots and cucumber

Dinner: Ramen


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs

Lunch: Potstickers ( if you are super motivated you can make them from scratch, I like buying them from wholefoods, they have a good selection and my kids like it)

Dinner: Steak with sautéed potatoes and greens


Breakfast: Oatmeal

Lunch: Deviled eggs with cheese and crackers and salami

Dinner: Poke bowls


Breakfast: Smoothie bowl

Lunch: Double duty sushi lunch from GOOP

Dinner: My take on fish and chips, ( Chips will be chickpea fries, recipe coming up this week)


Breakfast: Pumpkin rolls

Lunch: Ricotta and pea tart, bake some puff pastry (store bought) flat and according to package instructions and garnish with the ricotta pea spread (recipe attached)

Dinner: Roasted Chicken with salad and apple sauce ( just like I used to eat as a kid)


Breakfast: Crêpes

Lunch: Egg bake

Dinner: Soup

Latest comments

  • Allyson / May 24 2018

    Hi! All looks amazing! I’m wondering if you know of any calorie counts/daily approximate intake? (Trying to lose 20lbs from pregnancy) thanks so much!

    • Virginie Degryse / May 26 2018

      On average if you take around 1200 calories per day, you will start loosing weight progressively. It is always better to do it slowly so your body has time to adapt and not gain the weight back. I hope it helps!

  • Karina / May 24 2018

    Thank you just what I need !

    • Virginie Degryse / May 26 2018

      That makes me so happy, I hope you like it!

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