Weekly Menu Planner

Oct 9 2017


Here we go at it again : my weekly menu planner. It makes me happy to hear the positive feedback this planner has been having! Let's Eat!

Monday :

Breakfast : Smoothie bowl, topped with fresh fruits ( a statement in my house and so easy to prepare)

Lunch: Caprese salad, with prosciutto

Dinner: Turkey sausages with a mash duo, carrots and parsnips


Breakfast: Muffins ( recipe from sweet potato chronicles)

Lunch: Turkey meatballs, with carrots and cucumber

Dinner: Ramen


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs

Lunch: Potstickers ( if you are super motivated you can make them from scratch, I like buying them from wholefoods, they have a good selection and my kids like it)

Dinner: Steak with sautéed potatoes and greens


Breakfast: Oatmeal

Lunch: Deviled eggs with cheese and crackers and salami

Dinner: Poke bowls


Breakfast: Smoothie bowl

Lunch: Double duty sushi lunch from GOOP

Dinner: My take on fish and chips, ( Chips will be chickpea fries, recipe coming up this week)


Breakfast: Pumpkin rolls

Lunch: Ricotta and pea tart, bake some puff pastry (store bought) flat and according to package instructions and garnish with the ricotta pea spread (recipe attached)

Dinner: Roasted Chicken with salad and apple sauce ( just like I used to eat as a kid)


Breakfast: Crêpes

Lunch: Egg bake

Dinner: Soup

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