Weekly Menu Planner

Nov 18 2017


Even though it is Thanksgiving week and it will be all about prepping, cooking and baking for the feast, I still have to feed my family for the rest of the week. I am planning super easy and low maintenance meals so I do not get overwhelmed. I think  that we might go out as well once or twice so I get a break.... Not sure yet?! Anyway, I always function better when it is all organized and planned so I am making my planner as usual and we'll see how it goes!


Breakfast: eggs

Lunch: Tortilla and avocado wraps

Dinner: Veggie and lentil curry


Breakfast: Smoothie

Lunch: Quiche

Dinner: Fig and prosciutto Pizza


Breakfast: Oatmeal

Lunch: Poached chicken salad ( take out from my favorite place, I do not have time to focus on anything else than prepping, baking and cooking for tomorrow)

Dinner: Soup and salad


Breakfast: Smoothie

Lunch and dinner : Thanksgiving Feast (Check out my special Thanksgiving blog post to see all the yummy dishes we are making over here and the recipes)


Breakfast: Egg white scrambled

Lunch: Feast leftovers

Dinner: Turkey Soup ( this is a recipe from my Holiday cookbook!)


Breakfast: Acaï and smoothie bowls

Lunch: Egg bake ( special request form my mom)

Dinner: OUT ( I need a break from my kitchen)


Breakfast: Avocado toasts, maybe with an egg on top!

Lunch: Smoked salmon savory dutch baby

Dinner: Red Lentil  Soup 


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