Weekly meal plan

Jun 9 2019


School is off over here, it is summer time! This is my fave season to cook because all the produces are so fresh that is is really easy to get dinner on the table in no time. I am trying a bunch of recipes from Seamus Mullen "Real food heals" this week.  I like his cookbook, it is full of fresh, healthy easy meals!!! I will share my faves but if you need the recipes you will have to buy his book as I will only share my version for 1 or 2 of them!

Monday: Chilled carrot and citrus soup. This soup is really easy to make and it takes very little time. The carrots only need to cook for a couple of minutes and then you just put it all in the blender! This is really fresh and satisfying gat the same time!

Tuesday: Glazed chicken salad with avocados. Apart from marinating the chicken and grilling it, everything else is just chopping and assembling. Another one from Seamus that I cannot wait to try.

Wednesday: Glass noodles with raw veggies. I got my glass noodles from the Korean vendor (you can find them at your grocery store and cook them according to packages' instruction) at the farmers market and will make them with leftover grilled chicken and add shaved carrots and cucumbers. A squeeze of lime juice and soy sauce, maybe fresh mint and sesame seeds to make it look pretty. BTW, I am also posting a super delicious dessert recipe and video today, be sure to check it out : lemon coconut custards (they  taste like a summer cocktail mixed with a pudding!)

Thursday: Seared swordfish with heirloom tomatoes. Tomatoes taste like candy right now, they are super sweet of flavorful and add a vibrant touch to any meals! I am linking a swordfish recipe that I made a few weeks ago that is pretty similar to it, just in case you really want cook this out now! Another one from Seamus, that cookbook is full of goodness, I am really excited about it.

Friday: Grilled hangar steak with chimichuri. I am linking a steak recipe from my blog here that is pretty similar to Seamus's one which might turn out to be what I make...Sometimes I like to experiment and sometimes I just stick to what I know....

Saturday: Spring soba noodles. My kids love pasta and this makes both them and me happy, they can't every say to to pasta and I will gladly eat it as well. Super healthy, super fresh and yummy. If you haven't made this one yet, I strongly recommend it!

Sunday: Salmon cevicheI wanna buy this sushi grade fish that they sell at the farmers market next week and try this one out with it. Boys are leaving for camp that day so my guess is that I will NOT want to cook anything (I will be too sad) but this should be easy enough.

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