Back to School: Kids Lunches

Sep 6 2016


I can't believe it is back to School already! I feel like I just blinked and summer was over....

Back to school means school lunches and trying to make sure my littles ones have healthy, delicious and fun meals! I wanna make it fun so they will eat it with more easily if they enjoy the experience.

The way I do it is I prep as much a possible in advance, prepare extra and freeze what I can, so there is not place for unnecessary headaches in the mornings when we have to rush!
I usually prep as much as possible the night before, if it can all be done even better otherwise to make sure it is as fresh as possible I will assemble what is left to do in the morning

Here are our favorites:

- Ham cheese, spinach muffins
- Salami and cheese roll up, with crudités and crackers on the side
- BLT wraps
- Corn and spinach pancakes



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