Eating in Portugal

Jul 12 2016


Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

When We planned our trip to Portugal I expected to see a lot of history and culture, and I was right: We saw palaces, castles, churches, and market squares, all marvelous to witness... Handmade tiles and mosaics are littered everywhere from walls, steps, indoors outdoors, and even on food. They are a work of art!!!

The old houses and antiques tramways are gorgeous! In between walking through Sintra, Cascais and Lisbon, we have seen so many beautiful things!

I have to say, I may have not expected to eat so well while in Portugal. The biggest surprise of this trip for me was all of the delicious food.

Starting with the pasteis de belem which are flaky, crispy with a nice vanilla custard on top.... The dark chocolate with sesame seeds, hazelnuts of caramel locally  made with cacao imported from South America. The amazing fish, baked in a salty crust, catch of the day (literally caught the morning of) drizzled with the Portuguese olive oil....

Catch of the day baked in a salted crust

Catch of the day baked in a salted crust

The clams sautéed with oil, garlic and cilantro (the best part is to dip the fresh and warm bread in it... And I usually do not eat bread, unless it is really worth it).

The local gelato... Which they have nothing to envy the Italians for... And also their delicious local wines: fresh, crisp and flavorfull!!!!

Overall, my trip to Portugal was full of excitement and joy. We celebrated my grandfather's 80th birthday and got the opportunity to explore a new part of Europe with my children. Eating was definitely a bonus, and I highly recommend taking yourself, your family, and your appetite to this wonderfully vibrant city.

Oh, and by the way, way to win the Euro Cup!

Until I see you again, Portugal.



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