Fresh Peach & Burrata Salad

Fresh Peach & Burrata Salad

Sep 24 2015


I love a good caprese salad, and anything with mozzarella for that matter. Once again it is fresh, so easy to prepare and tastes like summer to me and can go a long way depending on how you prepare it.

I have tried it with tomatoes, melon, strawberries, figs, peaches, etc. The flavors of burrata and peaches go so well together, it tastes amazing to me. I have tried it in a restaurant with grilled peaches, and it was also so good! (I haven’t made it at home yet, but it is definitely on my list)


  • 1 pack with 2 mozzarella (the Burrata not the Bufala)
  • 2 peaches, 1 yellow and 1 whit
  • 2 small Plums
  • A bunch of chopped basil
  • Olive oil


Slice the peaches and plums and arrange on a plate. Open up the burrata and sprinkle all over the fruits. Disperse the chopped basil all over and drizzle with olive oil.

I served it as an appetizer with prosciutto on the side, olive oil toasts and a big green salad!

Et Voilà, Bon Appétit!

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