Fun Kids Picnic

Fun Kids Picnic

Sep 6 2016


5 mn

Serves 3

When time becomes a problem in the morning, I go for this school lunch. Kids love that it is finger food, they can make their own little preparation and mini crackers sandwiches....


  • A dozen salami slices, prosciutto, or ham
  • A dozen cheese sticks
  • Bread sticks, crackers, rice cakes
  • Crudités of your choice ( carrots, sliced cucumber, radishes,…)


Roll the cheese sticks in the salami. Assemble everything like you would win a bento box. Kids like this because it is finger food!

This version can go a long way, you can decide to wrap melon into prosciutto to change. Or make Mozzarella and prosciutto kebabs. Wrap the cheese into ham, or turkey…. I like having options, this is a great one for that!

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