Make it easier #5
The 4th of July

Jun 27 2016


Fourth of July weekend is a time for gathering. This is a weekend where you're bound to have guests in your home; friends of kids, friends of family, friends of friends! You're also likely to be invited to someone else's home - where it's always good to bring a good shareable snack along.

All of these super easy recipes and ideas will take you no time at all to prepare, serve a crowd and be so delicious that you'll end up doing them all summer long! A lot of recipes on 4th of July tend to be geared towards "American" food which can a lot of the times just be unhealthy. The recipes I've listed are all relatively light and festive by their nature.

If hosting a party, dress a table full of finger foods like these, and I have found big bowls of salads are always good to have available for guests to self-serve as well.

The tip: Get organized a few days before your event, and bring or serve bite-sized grabbable foods!

Recipes to take with you this 4th of July:

  1. Mini grilled Hawaiian sandwiches
  2. Red, white & blue mini fruit tarts
  3. Mini brioche sandwiches
  4. Italian eggplant open faced sandwiches
  5. Red, white & blue yogurt parfait

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