Make It Easier #10: Just Buy It

Aug 8 2016


Growing up in Europe, one of my favorite childhood memories is of Sunday breakfast with warm and crispy croissants, or pain au chocolat, that my Mom would get from our local bakery.

Just the smell in itself was beyond amazing!!!! Biting into a fresh croissant is crunchy, sweet, fluffy and light at the same time. There is nothing like receiving a fresh pastry from out of the oven.

Can you make your family fresh, crispy, fluffy European croissants at home!? Yes, you can!


The Tip: Buy them frozen!

Yep. Trader Joes has frozen croissants in regular, chocolate and almond. (Also available online at William Sonoma.) Once you buy them, they can be kept in the freezer to be only taken out the night before the morning they are served.

You lay the tiny frozen croissants on a baking sheet, so that in the morning you just heat up the oven to 350 degrees. After 15 minutes of baking, your house will be filled with the authentic smell of breakfast a la Francaise, and you can bite into a warm croissant.

These are a particularly golden discovery as based on my experience these are quite authentic, but this tip goes beyond croissants.

I know it may seem obvious, but making it easier is all about shopping smart.

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