Meal Plan 11/14

Nov 13 2022


Can anyone believe that Thanksgiving is around the corner... I am unfortunately not cooking this year... Which makes me super sad! We are traveling abroad to meet up with family so it will be different but super nice!

I am still sharing all my favorite recipes an will post in the favorites recipes all the inspiration in case you need some.  For example I have a savory galette that would make a great Thanksgiving appetizer ( or the latest squash pumpkin galette from last week) or an easy dinner for 2. I also have a sweet potato-zucchini gratin that should be an amazing side dish!! A couple of salads as well and a couple of pumpkin breakfast... All good things, be sure to check my instagram for more details!!

Monday: White bean and kale soup.  Monday night soup as always! It is really windy and cold here, so a warm comforting soup sounds delicious....

Tuesday: Savory Thanksgiving galette  I made last year and everyone loved it so much that I am bringing it back. I am using store bought dough as a shortcut.... I promise you that this might become a statement on your Holiday menu! This savory pumpkin delicata squash galette  is a really good one as well.

Wednesday: Squash ravioli with a brown butter sage sauce. I bought these beautiful ravioli at the farmers market today that I will simply prepare with a brown butter sage sauce ( that I use with my ricotta gnocchi) and roast some broccoli on the side and maybe make a crispy prosciutto salad.

Thursday: Moroccan chicken with sweet potato-zucchini gratin. I will use the same kind of favors from my recipe from the blog but will only make the chicken from it not the couscous.  Marinate the chicken with paprika, cumin, coriander, garlic and a tiny bit of cinnamon and then roast it. The veggie side is a new recipe that I will share with you guys that day! This is might also become a Holiday statement, it is quite original, super healthy, satisfying and so yummy! Check my Insta on Thursday for recipe!

Friday: Fried rice with shrimps. I am going to keep dinners super casual starting now ... Even thought I am not eating Thanskgiving food, we will still be eating a lot next week....

Saturday: Poke bowls. I just need to chop the veggies, put the rice in my rice cooker, and season the fish... I might make 2 versions: salmon and tuna!

Sunday: Quiche and Sunday night salad. I love this recipe and so does everyone in my family. The best part of it is that it is very easy to make and can be updated depending on what you have in your fridge!


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