Panier de crudités à la Club 55

Panier de crudités à la Club 55

May 26 2020


10 mn

Makes 1 panier

This brings me back to when we were living in Europe and going to St Tropez for the summer... I have to admit that with everything going on I feel a bit nostalgic and preparing these kind of dishes full of memories makes things better... add a glass of rosé to that and all is good!


  • 4 medium carrots, peeled and cut in matchsticks
  • 3 small persona cucumber, cut in 4 lengthwise
  • 1 radicchio, cut in 4
  • 1 medium fennel, cut in 4
  • 1 bunch of cauliflower florets
  • 1 cup of sugar snap peas
  • 1 cup of radishes
  • 5 boiled eggs
  • 1-2 pitta bread ( or flat bread or baguette is even better)
  • 1/2 cup of cherry tomatoes
  • Aïoli: 2 egg yolks, 1/2 lemon juiced, 2 small garlic, 1/4 cup o olive oil, 2 tbsp of avocado oil, slat and pepper and Italian seasoning


Prep all the veggies, grill the pitta bread and assemble it all in a nice "panier" or on a platter.

Make the aïoli by whisking all the ingredients (the lemon juice will cook the yolks so do not worry about eating raw eggs) and transfer to a shallow dish that you place in the center of the veggies.

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