Weekly meal plan 01/04

Jan 8 2023


Keeping on theme with more veggies at every meal... I might do the Goop cleanse this week but will stick to this meal plan for the boys and Marine. No alcohol for a few days and only clean food to give my liver and body a little break... I like doing cleanses and detoxes a few times a year just to give my body a little break.

Monday: Super green soup I am sautéing tons of greens veggies and keeping it as clean as possible. I will make it quite thick which gives a more filling and satisfying feeling when you eat it! I use this green soup as an inspiration but will use slightly different veggies but don't worry I will update and share the new version asap!

Tuesday: Roasted veggies bowls. Kids will have some brown rice and add some ingredients on the side ( such as avocado, sautéed caulirice, edamame, chickpeas...)  so they can make their own bowls.

Wednesday: Slow roasted salmon. Everyone loves salmon around here, so this needs no alteration, which makes my life easier!

Thursday: Chicken milanese with arugula salad and grilled broccolini. This is always a winner with everyone and a super easy one to make.

Friday: Penne pasta with marinara sauce and burrata.  I love Thrive market organic tomato sauce and I usually add spinach and peas for extra greens, the burrata on top adds tons of creaminess and deliciousness.

Saturday: Vegetarian couscous. Trying to keep it easy this week and veggie loaded, so this does the trick, right?! Maybe grilled chicane if boys want the added proteins or steak since I am making chicken tomorrow.

Sunday: Chicken teriyaki bowls. This is a new recipe that I am testing, until I post this chicken recipe attached can be a good inspiration to where I am going with this if you want a head start!

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