Weekly meal plan 01/15

Jan 15 2023


I love a 3 day holiday week-end...If the rain could stop for a bit it would be even better. As I am working on next week's plan and feel like soups, veggies and have been asked to make some fish as well. My daughter just left to go back to college so it is just me and the boys... So I know lots of protein for them sine their are super active all the time.

Monday: Miso glass noodles soup. This is always a hug hit with the family. I love it because I can add lots of veggies and let them cook in the broth and create tons of flavor. I am really into my Shiratake noodles recently so I will do that for me.

Tuesday: Meatballs with couscous and spinach. I am going to add grated zucchinis within the meat mixture for extra veggies. It will be either couscous or orzo pasta is also a good choice The beauty here is that the grains will cook waiting the sauce. So it is a one pot dish.

Wednesday: Sesame soy salmon bowls. I love a diner bowl everyone can make their own and do it their own way. This one is one of MY favorite. Cant always be about the others right....

Thursday: Spaghetti al limone and walnuts. New recipe alert based on this one from the blog. I want to add toasted walnuts as I read about it somewhere because it sounds delicious, I will post updated version once I make it if it turns out good.

Friday: Tuna tartare. This can also be organized as a DIY dinner bowls. Some brown rice, avocado, edamame, cucumbers, seaweed sheets and done!

Saturday: Fall tabbouleh with chicken cutlets. An easy one today... I will simply pound the chicken, season with salt and pepper and cook fro a cripple of minutes on each sides until golden brown and cooked through. I might just stick to the tabbouleh only and take a little break for animal protein.

Sunday: Meatloaf and carrot mash. This feels like the perfect Sunday night dinner. Comfort food at its best.

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