Weekly meal plan 01/18

Jan 17 2021


I am still going with my new year resolution so far of dry January and clean eating. I just finished a 5 day detox/cleanse and want to keep the benefits from it. I slept so well last week from eating super clean that I really am willing to find  a balance and get my family on that path keeping in mind that we all have different needs and taste. I usually do that by always making sure that I prepare a wide array of veggies and always make some sort of animal protein for the boys and my husband who need it.

Monday: Squash and spinach minestrone. I don't have all the ingredients for the soup linked here but will make a variant with what I have at hand, as you should. Never feel like you cannot make something because you're just missing an ingredient or two. I promise you that if you improvise a bit and trust your cooking instincts, it will pay off. I love my Monday night soup habit and since this has been going on for as long as I can remember and is working for everyone, why change it right. As always some sort of crostini or garlic bread or fresh baguette as a crunchy side makes this much easier for the kids to appreciate it.

Tuesday: Chicken miso with veggie stir fry. I haven't made this in a long time! I am teaching an online cooking class that night and am showing how to make chicken miso ( even though the recipe I will teach is different than this one, you can go for it and try i tout, it is delicious) and veggies so this will be our dinner as well! A stir fry is basically throwing a bunch of veggies together in a wok, with some sesame oil, soy sauce and other spices and sauces. I will share this one in a little while when I am done with the classes.

Wednesday: Mushroom pesto pasta. I cannot believe that I don't have some sort of pesto pasta on the blog. I have pesto sauce and often use good quality store bought but want to make my own here and add some roasted shiitake mushrooms and frozen peas as well as arugula. Full plant based and filling meal. Of course there might be grated parmesan but we have no issues with dairies in our family.

Thursday: Roasted veggies tahini grain bowls with greek style meatballs. This way whoever wants to to keep just veggies and grains can do so easily. So, the boys who always need some extra animal proteins just add a couple of meatballs. This way, everyone is happy and so I am :)

Friday: Chicken paillard with greek cauliflower tabbouleh. This is super easy for dinner. I just flatten the chicken add some salt and pepper and sometimes some grainy mustard and grill it. Our side is a nice cauliflower tabbouleh with added feta, some oregano to give it a greek twist.

Saturday: Stuffed ricotta shell pasta with tomato sauce. This is a recipe that I have been working on for some time. I am really excited to share this one since when I made it for my family, they liked it so much they practically licked the platter.

Sunday: Basil shrimp bowls. I love Sunday night bowls, I either use plain rice and or cauliflower rice, add any kind of leftovers veggies I have. I also add some crudités or frozen veggies and some kid and leafy greens. A drizzle of my warm tomato vinaigrette would be delicious here!!!

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