Weekly meal plan 02/20

Feb 19 2023


I just am on my way back from a ski week-end and I was so cold that it has inspired me to set up a meal plan with cozy food and comforting dinner for this coming week. I am craving warm food but want to keep it easy.

Monday: Super green soup.   I need extra greens and tons of nutrients to start the week right. This one does the trick and as always some crunchy baguette to dip in really helps the kids to enjoy this kind of meal more!

Tuesday: Grilled fish tacos with crunchy slaw and wintery avocado salad. Keeping with the Tacos Tuesday theme here, I realize that fish gets eaten more easily if it is wrapped in a tortilla! My job is to expand my kids palate and get them to eat a variety of food, if it means taking a few detour and some help to get there, I don't mind!

Wednesday: Chicken curry udon noodles.  I serve this as an "Indian chicken bowl" to the kids who swear that they don't like curry but still love it... Sometimes it's all about marketing, hihihihi!!

Thursday: Chicken parmesan. This is Harry's favorite recipe and he has been asking for it for a while! I love also making eggplant parmesan when I make this one, it really does not add too much work!

Friday: Steak fajitas. This is an easy one, another request from the kids that I do more red meat dishes... I don't eat it too much of it anymore but I will enjoy the sides and might make crispy cauliflower for me!

Saturday: Warm couscous and salmon bowl. This will be inspired by my salmon and cauliflower tabouleh from the blog but using Israeli couscous and maybe some shredded kale as well. I will be sure to share if it turns out as good as I thinking it will!

Sunday: Lasagna. I need something easy and I have one in my freezer from the last time I made lasagna ( I always make 2 of them at a time and keep one in the freezer for another time) which always comes in handy!

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