Weekly meal plan 01/23

Jan 23 2022


I am trying my best to keep going with my healthy resolutions and eat loads of nutrients and good food to boost my immune system. I mean what better way to do that than through  eating veggies, omega fatty fish, soups, smoothies and more... As a graduate from IIN (Institue for Integrated Nutrition) I've learned a few things about diet, nutrition and staying as healthy as possible especially when there is so much stress going on in the world.

Monday: Roasted caulifower soup. I went to the famers market today and bought gorgeous veggies including an enormous cauliflower! The cruciferous veggies are high in vitamin C and fibers, antioxidants and are loaded with nutrients (vitamins and minerals) Plus it is low in calories!!! Great way to start the week!

Tuesday: Vegetarian sushi bowl. I thought this during a zoom class a couple of moths ago and it was a huge success...Perfect for an easy Tuesday night dinner!

Wednesday: Mushroom barley risotto. I am going to cook the barley and do a mushroom fricassée (like I did for these ricotta mushrooms toasts) that I will toss together. Loads of mushrooms with garlic, shallots, salt and pepper and chopped parsley. Maybe some oat milk for creaminess and some freshly grated parmesan as a final touch!

Thursday: Miso salmon with stir fry veggies. I am teaching a cooking class and showing them how to make this menu with a kale edamame salad!!  You can find a great miso salmon recipe on the blog until I post this update version!

Friday: Falafel bowls. This is super easy for dinner. I am trying to get my kids to eat more veggies and usually for whatever reason, making a dinner bowl helps. They can make their own, add some sauce and season it how they want. These falafel are really easy and super delicious! Honestly you can also find delicious falafel already made at Wholefoods and Erewhon or similar places which makes dinner prep stress free.

Saturday: Honey garlicky sheet pan with broccoli. This is a recipe that is super easy to assemble and since everything cooks together it is also very little hands on. I mean I do need a break once in a while. You can sub some of the veggies if these are not to your liking. Just be sure that you choose some that have similar textures which means similar cooking times!

Sunday: Teriyaki shrimp bowls. I am using the teriyaki sauce from my meatballs recipe and cooking the shrimps with it. I always find the most delicious wild shrimps at the farmers market and I think this will be a great way to use them! Maybe cauliflower fried rice to go with it!

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