Weekly meal plan 01/30

Jan 31 2022


January is almost over and it already feels like spring here in LA. It is kind of funny how time flies when there are no real seasons. I don't complain because I love this beautiful weather all year long... I do miss wintery food sometimes, hence my tradition of always making soups on Monday... Anyway a few newbies on the menu this week. Keeping varied menus and new dishes is always  my motto as long as it is easy!

Monday: Squash soup with sweet pumpkin seeds. I feel like I need to make the most of butternut squash before the season ends... Maybe mini grilled cheese croutons would make this more fun for the kids.

Tuesday: Miso chicken with cucumber salad. I haven't made this chicken in a while and have been craving it. I have 3 ways to make it on the blog, check out which one seems to be the best fit for you... And BTW they are all delicious, just saying :)

Wednesday: Fennel crusted salmon with arugula and avocado salad.  A yummy recipe from the Goop detox I have been wanting to make. It seems so easy to prepapre and sounds super delicious!

Thursday: Cauliflower gnocchi al pesto. I get the gnocchi from Trader's Joe and make super easy pesto and done! If I feel like I don't even want to make the pesto I buy a good quality one, why not?! You could also make you own gnocchi if you have time and feel like it, these ricotta gnocchi from the blog are beyond!

Friday: Pesto flank steak with roasted tahini veggies. I will use the extra pesto sauce from last night and make steak for the boys because they love it. I don't eat red meat so the tahini roasted veggies will be perfect for me.... and maybe some brown rice as well to make this a more complete meal.

Saturday: Honey garlic shrimps with "fried rice" caulirice. This is a recipe that is super easy to make and since shrimps cook really fast  it is ready in no time. Making a caulirice fried rice style for extra veggies...

Sunday: Sunday night leftover bowls. This is the perfect way to clean up the fridge at the end of the week. I reheat everything, place it on the counter and everyone can make they own bowl. I feel like the green goddess sauce or the tahini one would be the perfect drizzle here!!!!

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