Weekly meal plan 02/07

Feb 5 2023


It is Superbowl week and almost Valentine's day... I love getting carried away for these... There might be a flourless chocolate cake coming up this week, maybe some hummus and other fun dips for Sunday....Check my instagram fro some fun inspiration this week!

Monday: Chicken veggie noodle soup. We have some runny noses and colds in our house (NOT  covid... Everyone gets tested all the time so no need to panic) and nothing makes it better than a nice warm, homemade chicken noodle soup!! I am simply adding noodles to this recipe here.

Tuesday: Glass noodle and tofu stir fry. I get these yummy noodles and tofu and also some tempeh from the farmers market on Sunday. You can find the noodles in any store and  cook them according to package instructions, make my crispy tofu from the blog and add some sauté carrot and spinach and done! I usually keep the sauce super simple with a mix of soy sauce and sesame oil. These glass noodles from the blog are a good one as well

Wednesday: Turkey burger with arugula fennel salad. I am teaching a zoom class that day and showing how to make these so it will be dinner!!

Thursday: Oven pesto baked fish. I havent made this recipe in a while and the beauty of it is that you can use whatever fish you like... It takes a few minutes to assemble, in the oven and done!

Friday: Kale and chickpea curry This is super easy for dinner. I am tweaking this recipe here by simply swapping some the veggies. I have been craving  a curry for a while now...

Saturday: Jon and Vinny's copycat pink sauce This is a recipe that is super easy to assemble and since everything cooks together it is also very little hands on. I mean I do need a break once in a while. You can sub some of the veggies if these are not to your liking. Just be sure that you choose some that have similar textures which means similar cooking times!

Sunday: Spicy salmon bowls. My kids are obsessed with this dish... They ask for it all the time. I make mine with caulirice and you can even roast the salmon ahead of time and also cook the rice in advance. There will be a loads of yummy Super Bowl snacks as well: hummus guac an chips, mini meatballs, pig sin a blanket,....

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