Weekly meal plan 03/06

Mar 5 2023


I have a few recipes I want to give a try this week but will keep some classics as well. I am making my crispy salmon recipe that we are all addicted to... Some steak for the boys ( they have been asking) and an easy pasta night, maybe I can ask my husband to make his famous carbonara so I get a break!!!

Monday:  Minestrone, I bought yummy veggies at the farmers market today and have some pesto in the freezer. It is really easy to put together, full of nutrients and super comforting!

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday I will cook some ground meat (not sure what kind yet) with taco seasoning, make a nice slaw, guacamole, garlicky black beans and Spanish rice

Wednesday: Crispy salmon with cauliflower rice and charred broccoli. I am addicted to this recipe, it is so delicious and could not be any easier. I highly recommend this one if you haven made it yet.

Thursday:  Garlic honey chicken with stir fry veggies. I want to try something new and feel like these flavors will go super well together. I am going to use a spicy honey to add another layer of flavor here. I am linking a nice recipe that is similar from the blog if you cannot wait. I think a fresh kale slaw would pair really well!

Friday:  Steak frittes. Special request from the boys and it is as simple as it sounds. My husband loves creamed spinach so I might add it as well. Since I don't eat red meat I might make an easy chicken paillard for me.

Saturday:  Spaghetti carbonara. I love when my husband takes over my kitchen.... It gives me a break, plus no one makes this dish like he does!!!

Sunday:   Roasted chicken with apple sauce and little gem salad.  This dish brings me back to my childhood. Every Sunday my grandma would make this and we would all gather together. She is still alive today and is 97 and every time I make this, I smile thinking of her... She is back in Belgium so I don't get to see her as often as I would love but I feel super lucky that she is still in my life.

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