Weekly meal plan 03/13

Mar 13 2023


We just had our time change last night which means longer days and spring time.... Slowly switching to spring veggies and dishes but always keeping m Monday night soup.

Monday: Udon noodle soup ramen style. This kind of dish is my kids' favorite and they never argue about eating soup when I make it. I am using udon noodles instead of ramen, just because I have quite a few packets in my pantry. I think mine will be with shiratake noodles (no carbs and way less calories) but same veggies and broth.

Tuesday: DIY pitta bar. I used to make this all the time when we lived in Belgium and for some reason had forgotten about it. Basically you prepare all kind of chopped crudités, greek grilled chicken, some kind of slaw, a garlic spread and you cut the pittas in 2, open the little pockets and fill them with whatever you like. This is fun for a brunch or if you have a bunch of kids over, they usually love it! My version will be lettuce warps.

Wednesday: Asian chicken tray bake with fried cauliflower rice. I am teaching this in a cooking class that day so to make things easier for me, I will simply reheat it later on that night and make a cauliflower fried rice style for extra veggies.

Thursday:  Chicken and ricotta meatballs with roasted broccolini. All goes into the oven together on the same tray and cook for the same amount of time.

Friday:Since today is St Patricks day there will be some green smoothies and juices, maybe green pancakes, and a green goddess salad for lunch with green flat bread....  Dinner will be gnocchi with peas and pesto, gathering as much luck as possible with all the green food :)

Saturday: Branzino with steamed spinach and crispy potatoes. Feeling like Italian food this week. I guess I am dreaming about this coming summer and praying that we can travel. In the meantime food is my way to escape....

Sunday: Sunday night bowl. This means that I make some kind of grain base and will chop crudités and add whatever leftover veggies we have in the fridge. Maybe some slow roasted tomatoes and pesto sauce as well (to keep going with my Italian theme inspiration). If I need to I can always supplement with frozen veggies and add chickpeas for extra proteins! Keeping it easy is the main point here!!

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