Weekly meal plan 04/05

Apr 5 2021


I just feel so happy right now, we were able to go away for a few days which had not happened in so long and it felt so good!It's amazing how things I might have taken for granted before Covid feel suer extra special now!

Family time with my husband and kids is  what recharges me the best. No schedule, just us and lots of quality time! Anyway, back in my kitchen and cooking with a lot of spring and delicious veggies!

So here we go with this week's plan....

Monday: Miso tofu soup.  This is a super easy one and I don't really have a recipe on the blog. This is what I am going to do: I bought some miso broth at the farmers market and will simply add some cubes of tofu, maybe glass noodles and some veggies (spinach, kale, bokchoy, edamame,...). No fuss, full of nutrients and delicious.

Tuesday: Seeded crusted tuna with green rice.  I made a version of this with salmon a while back and kids loved it. We haven't had tuna in a while so I though it would be good to switch it up. I will make a cauliflower rice version for me.

Wednesday: Chicken niçoise. I know the traditional version is with tuna but since I am making fish on Tuesday I want to switch it up. My kids like it when I mix things up a bit.

Thursday: Mushroom barley risotto. I am teaching this for a class on a new website called Watson, check it out if you haven't done so already. Since I am cooking that already I don't need to make anything else, keeping this easy for me.

Friday: Basil shrimps. My family just love this recipe! Shrimps cook only in a few minutes and the basil really adds a nice touch here. Maybe a simple slaw would go well here white this dish and possibly crispy artichokes (that I haven't made in so long!).


Lunch: Quinoa greek salad to which I can add chicken kebabs and/or boiled eggs. I am swapping the couscous for quinoa here. I also always make a crudités platter that we all nibble on, some kind of crunchy bread or baguette and either some prosciutto or salami and some kind of cheese (my husband loves that).

Dinner: Poke bowls, It has been a while since we've had these. I prepare it all separate, in cute little bowls and present it family style. This way everyone can make their own!


Lunch: Quiche and salads. Great way to clean up the fridge with any leftover veggies from the week or something I haven't used. I can always supplement with frozen ones if needed. A simple spring salad to complement and our ultimate veggie platter.
Dinner: Turkey burger and sweet potato fries. If weather stays this good we can do it on the grill outside, maybe a beet salad for extra veggies (for me). Honestly I could only make the sweet potato and be happy (my favorite thing to eat ever) but I am not sure this would go well with my crew, LOL.

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