Weekly meal plan 04/05

Mar 27 2022


I just feel so happy right now, we are going away for a few days. Family time with my husband and kids is  what recharges me the best. No schedule, just us and lots of quality time! Even though I won't be cooking , I am still sharing my meal plan for those who need some inspiration this week.

Monday: Miso tofu soup.  This is a super easy one and I don't really have a recipe on the blog. This is what you need to do: buy some miso broth 9 or veggies), add some cubes of tofu, maybe glass noodles and some veggies (spinach, kale, bokchoy, edamame,...). No fuss, full of nutrients and delicious.

Tuesday: Seeded crusted tuna with green rice.  I made a version of this with salmon a while back and kids loved it.

Wednesday: Chicken niçoise. I know the traditional version is with tuna but since I share a fish recipe on Tuesday I want to switch it up.

Thursday: Mushroom barley risotto. I am teaching this for a class on a new website called Watson, check it out if you haven't done so already.

Friday: Basil shrimps.  Shrimps cook only in a few minutes and the basil really adds a nice touch here. Maybe a simple slaw would go well here white this dish and possibly crispy artichokes.

Saturday: Poke bowls, Thesis always a winner as it i easy, versatile and everyone loves it. I suggest to prepare it all separate, in cute little bowls and present it family style. This way everyone can make their own!

Sunday: Turkey burger and sweet potato fries. If weather stays this good you can do it on the grill outside, maybe a beet salad for extra veggies.

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