Weekly meal plan 04/11

Apr 10 2022


Spring is in full mode here, we even had a heat wave on friday and had 100F... Which if I my say was a bit too much.... But I would take that over cold rainy days without a doubt...

Anyway I went to the farms market with Harry today and we got a bunch of beautiful asparagus, some grouper for Tuesday... Lots of veggies and greens for soups and salads and strawberries for course, since they are at their best right now!!

Here is this week's plan:

Monday: Green goddess soup. I am trying to mimic the freshness of the herbs from the dressing here and will add some greek yogurt for some creaminess as well... A whole cauliflower will go in for that creamy texture.. You can make my delicious green soup and add tons of greens if you wan tot give it a try, and I will share when I make it.

Tuesday:  Grilled grouper with Peruvian salsa and sautéed asparagus. For those you saw my video from Peru, where I learned how do do this you remember how easy it looked.... I think it should really complement the fish here and again I will share the tact recipe after but am linking one here that is super similar. The fish is grilled similarly this is halibut here. The asparagus are simply cooked with shallot, garlic, olive oil in a pan for a few minutes and finished with some salt and pepper. They are so thin and fresh that they cook in 3-4 minutes tops!

Wednesday: Turkey meatballs and grilled broccolini. Simple but delicious meatballs, little gems salad on the side as well. And grilled broccolini (olive oil, salt and pepper) that I will roast at 400F for 15 minutes and then squeeze some lemon on top when ready!

Thursday: Penne pasta with freshly made pesto, peas and arugula. I am making some fresh pesto today and will toss it with the pasta (chickpeas pasta for Marine and me) and add in some blanched peas and fresh arugula, some grated parmesan on top and done!

Friday: Warm tomato and mushroom salad. Tomatoes are amazing right now so this will be delicious. I might have to grill some flank steak for the boys. I can also easily add some crispy chickpeas if I need a little extra proteins for me.

Saturday: Asian lettuce cups with cucumber salad. This is  was a super popular one last summer and since eI haven't made it in a while it will be perfect!

Sunday: Traditional roast chicken with sweet potato fries and apple sauce. I simply roast 2 chicken ( so I have a bit extra for the week ahead), I make apple sauce in my slow cooker (plus extra for snacks as well). I might need to make my Sunday night salad again, we all loved it so much!

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