Weekly meal plan 04/19

Apr 18 2021


I am getting back to basics this week. It has been so hot that I am planing on making recipes that are a bit more summery. I also need easy since our puppy is keeping me awake a lot and I am so tired that some days I can barely function.

I am doing quite a bit of prep today for school lunches since kids are going back  to campus this week for most of the time. I'm also prepping veggies and sides since I have time today. I am going to roast beets, artichokes, cook some grains like quinoa and barley and maybe pasta as well. We are having roasted chicken tonight and am making extra for a little added proteins on salads or for a sandwich... I also went to the farmers market and bought carrots, radishes and cucumbers that are all washed and ready to be grabbed and eaten in the fridge! I feel like I am well prepared and I love that!

Monday: Spring Minestrone.  Even if it is warm I cannot escape Monday night soup... Plus I feel like it is not yet time for gazpachos...

Tuesday: Grilled swordfish with pineapple salsa and fresh slaw. I am mixing a couple of recipes from the blog here. I am grilling the swordfish like I have done in the past but adding a fresh pineapple and cucumber salsa with lime, purple onions and cilantro. I think that a simple cabbage slaw here will pair nicely with it!!

Wednesday: Turkey meatballs and grilled broccolini. Simple but delicious meatballs, little gems salad on the side as well. And grilled broccolini (olive oil, salt and pepper) that I will roast at 400F for 15 minutes and then squeeze some lemon on top when ready!

Thursday: Penne pasta with freshly made pesto, peas and arugula. I am making some fresh pesto today and will toss it with the pasta (chickpeas pasta for Marine and me) and add in some blanched peas and fresh arugula, some grated parmesan on top and done!

Friday: Warm tomato and mushroom salad. Tomatoes are amazing right now so this will be delicious. I might have to grill some flank steak for the boys. I can also easily add some crispy chickpeas if I need a little extra proteins for me.

Lunch: Rainbow barley salad with soft boiled eggs. I love making easy fresh salads for lunches but I feel that my boys need more than that, so some soft boiled eggs are always a good option. Some fresh baguette and our traditional crudités platter.
Dinner: Asian lettuce cups with cucumber salad. This is  was a super popular one last summer and since eI haven't made it in a while it will be perfect!

Lunch: Quiche Caprese. I made this a while ago and kids loved it so much that have asked for it again, saying that it had been too long. It is a surprising combo but it works, trust me!
Dinner: Traditional roast chicken with sweet potato fries and apple sauce. I simply roast 2 chicken ( so I have a bit extra for the week ahead), I make apple sauce in my slow cooker (plus extra for snacks as well). I might need to make my Sunday night salad again, we all loved it so much!

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