Weekly meal plan 04/25

Apr 24 2022


It is my daughter's 18 birthday this week... I cannot even grasp the fact that she is already 18!!! It went by so fast and she is almost off to college... Anyway my goal is to spoil her as much as possible and make dinners all about her this week!!!!

Monday: Udon noodles soup. She loves Udon noodles and since I made ramen last week (which is also her fave) I am switching it up a bit.

Tuesday: Jon and Vinny pink sauce pasta. We are doing the dairy free copycat version which is so much easier to digest!!!

Wednesday: NYT crispy baked salmon. This is my kids favorite way to eat fish. I usually cook a bit extra so we can make the spicy salmon and rice bowl fro lunch the next day ( which is also one of Marine's fave). A nice crunchy salad on the side will be nice here.

Thursday: MC Carthy salad. I think this one is also one of my fave.... Plus the entire family enjoys it so that's good.

Friday: Vegan eggplant parmesan.  Thinly is a recipe using cauliflower ad cashews, kind of same base and the pink sauce pasta from Tuesday. This vegan "cheesy" sauce is the bomb. I always make extra and the it in the fridge for a week so I can use it as much as possible. I might make chicken parmesan with the same sauce for the boys.

Saturday:  Cauliflower steak al pesto. I am using store bought pesto which I also always have in the fridge. An Italian kale salad  for your greens.

Sunday: Crispy tofu bowls. I love Sunday bowls, they are so easy and since we do it family style it makes everyone happy.

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