Weekly meal plan 05/17

May 8 2022


Today was gloomy and cold, we always have May grey and June gloom around here... I'm starting to add more cold dishes but keeping certain warm and comforting ones for the "colder days"... I like to mix it up. If you don't see something here that you want to make and need more inspiration, feel free to look at the recipe guide, I have so many options there that you are bound to find something you'll enjoy preparing.

Monday: Creamy carrot soup with homemade focaccia. I am preparing this with carrots from the farmers market which make this almost sweet and is ALWAYS hugely successful with the kids! A little carbs with the focaccia and maybe some nuts and seeds and crispy quinoa for toppings.

Tuesday: Veggie chili night.This fits the Taco Tuesday night them, right? The plus is that no-one complains that there is no meat and they love it this way. Off course it is without saying that there needs to be tortilla chips, guacamole and all the delicious toppings here!

Wednesday: Pesto meatballs with Italian veggie rice. I can never go wrong with meatballs in this family. No matter how I make them and sees, it is ways a success. My secret is that I  prepare extras and freeze them for another day or keep them for a school lunch or something.

Thursday: Spinach souffléwith arugula and tomato salad. I usually make this for brunch or as an appetizer but sometimes is feels good to eat a lighter dinner. This is so fluffy and airy, it is so delicious! I you don't like spinach just omit them or switch for something else. The salad is simply arugula, fresh tomatoes, a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Friday: Roasted sea bass with mushroom fricassee and crispy potatoes. This is a super easy way to prepare fish, it is almost impossible to mess up... Or let's say that the margin of error is large, so don't be afraid to make it and you will surprise yourself! Mushrooms need to be simply cleaned up and sautéed with olive oil, shallot, garlic and thyme for a couple of minutes (it is really quick to make). Crispy potaotes always make everyone happy around here and the go in the oven so they are very easy to prepare as well.

Saturday: Creamy lemon and basil pasta. My family love pasta and really enjoy eating it once a week. If I don't feel like carbs, I make the same sauce for me but will prepare spaghetti squash or zucchini noodles or even heart of palms pasta. I also might add fresh spinach or english peas here.

Sunday: DYI pizza night. I love this kind of night, I  only prepare the dough ( or even buy it when I don't feel like making anything) and chop the toppings and everybody gets to work and make their own. An Italian salad to compliment dinner and all is good! My Veggie based pizza from a few weeks ago was SO delicious that I am going for it again!

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