Weekly meal plan 05/30

May 30 2021


I bought so many beautiful produces this morning at the market which always makes me super happy! I am mixing things up a tiny bit since it is a Holiday week-end and tomorrow is off, which means grilling time.... Actually there will be a lot of grilling this week!  Soup will be on Tuesday this week. Then as usual I try my best to mix it up with different meal types: fish, vegetarian, pasta, meat... I always feel that this way I offer a great variation of nutrients and flavors to my family.

Monday: Chimichurri flank steak. Like I said, holiday week-end means grilling.... I make this and a bunch of sides and salads so everyone can find something they like even the non red meat eaters.... Some sweet potato fries might make their way to the table as well!

Tuesday: Chilled sweet peas and avocado soup. This is a new recipe but you can use this one here as a start. If you use fresh peas, just blanche them quickly and combine it all in blender with olive oil, salt and pepper. I will make sure to show the details on my stories and post all the details on the blog.

Wednesday: Swordfish with mango salsa and arugula grapefruit salad. When grilling season is here I always make the most of it especially with fish so there is no smell in the house and less to clean!! Plus swordfish really works well this way. This grapefruit arugula salad is simply tossed together with a lemon vinaigrette. I might add a fresh cherry tomato salad as well. For that, I cut them in 2, toss them with olive oil, red wine vinegar, 1 small shallot ( minced), fresh basil, salt and pepper,

Thursday: Lemon grilled chicken with summer corn salad. The marinade for the chicken is lemon juice and zest, garlic, salt and pepper and fresh rosemary as well. I will post the exact details once I make this that day but this should give you a head start. The salad was a summer favorite last year and I cannot wait to make it since corn is coming into season again,

Friday: Pasta primavera. The beauty of this dish is that you can adapt depending on what vegetables you can find. I have a thawed the NYT recipe that I like, but I keep it even more simple than that. I sauté them with some olive oil, green onions and garlic and toss with the cooked pasta. Then I season with salt and pepper and grate some fresh parmesan on top and done!


Lunch:  Ricotta and mushroom toasts with soft boiled eggs and  salad. Keeping it easy!!

Dinner:  Sheet pan pistachio crusted cod and carrots. I made a similar recipe with salmon a while ago and my family loved it. Giving it a try here with a different fish so stay tuned to see how it turns out! Roasting carrots and radishes with olive oil at 400F for 20-25 minutes as our side. You could try the sesame crusted fish if you want to make something similar and can't wait until next week for full recipe.


Lunch:Baby dutch oven with smoked salmon. Another classic around here, I add smoked salmon and cream cheese but you can add whatever toppings you feel like. You can make if sweet or maybe go Italian savory with burrata and prosciutto, some pesto... You understand what I mean, make it your own and have fun with this! A large crudités platter to ensure everyone happily gets their daily veggies in.

Dinner: Veggie burgers with a jicama slaw and fresh tomato carpaccio. Easy and perfect for Sunday night dinner. I usually buy my veggie patties, I like "Impossible burgers" and "Beyond burgers" as well. I have mine lettuce wrapped and find it prefect with the salads here! I simply add jicama as well in the crunchy slaw that I linked here.

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