Weekly meal plan

Jun 19 2022


It was Father's day today and we spoiled my husband as much as we could because he deserves it ... We are moving this week so it will be hectic. I still make the weekly plan and stick to it if I can and if not, it's fine.... It might be a lot of take out food this week but we'll see. For those wanting som easy and yummy recipes, here you go!

Monday: Gazpacho. I love soups for dinner. The weather is getting warmer over here so it is the perfect time for a nice summer gazpacho. I can always serve it with some melon and prosciutto, or goat cheese crostini for those who need a little something more consistent! I have also added lobster or crab meat in the past to gazpacho and it was delicious... Another thing you can do is add small cubes of the fruit and/or veggies you using in the gazpacho as a reminder and also as a nice little crunch.

Tuesday: Chicken Tacos Tuesday. I will simply make a rub for the chicken breasts with paprika, cumin, salt and pepper and grill it outside for 10-15 minutes. Guacamole, slaw, chips, grilled corn on the cob and a Mexican salad and done! I found jicama tortillas at Trader's Joe the other day, which will be perfect to keep  low carb and veggie loaded for me :)

Wednesday: Spaghetti with shrimps and beans. I made this dish for a live cooking class a while ago and everyone loved it so much! Shrimps cook in like 3-5 minutes and with tomatoes being in season right now, this makes for a bursting flavor and super fast meal!

Thursday: Chicken souvlaki with greek salad. Last year we went to Greece and when we came back I tried to recreate a lot of the food that we had including this amazing chicken recipe!!! Like I have said before, since we cannot travel this year, I will do my best to take us on work journeys through food!

Friday: DIY Veggie burger bar. This is easy enough for a Friday night and my kids love being hands on. I prepare the beyond burger veggie burgers, slice tomatoes, make some guacamole (which we love on a burger) make a plate with sliced cheese and prepare also a sriracha aioli. Sweet potato fries always add a nice touch here and a crunchy coleslaw will make the perfect side!

Saturday:  Miso salmon with coconut rice and wilted garlicky spinach. Everyone loves this preparation here, the sweetness of the miso balances well with salmon. It only takes a little while to marinate and cooks in less then 10 minutes... The coconut rice mixes nicely here and since I need my daily greens, I can simply sauté spinach with olive oil and garlic and it is ready in 2 minutes!

Sunday: Prosciutto and asparagus tartlets. I cannot wait to go to the famers' market in the morning, get all the goodies I need and make a simple and delicious dinner out of it. I always have puff party in the freezer which makes this a 5-10 minutes dinner!

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