Weekly meal plan 08//16

Aug 14 2022


We just moved houses and my life has been really hectic and busy for the past few weeks... Packing, sorting, throwing and donating and then unpacking.... The house is finally coming along but there is still a lot to do!! So I really need meals to be super easy and fast right now! I am still coming up with new things, just because I can't help it....

Monday: Falafel bowls. When I have time, I make my own falafel but I think that I will order them from this delicious place in Westwood just because I have a lot going on right now and need to keep things simple.

Tuesday: Tortellini al pesto and ricotta. I am using the pesto sauce from my blog but adding a bit of ricotta to create a smooth and creamy texture, let's see how it turns out. Always keep pasta water for the sauce when you use pesto and/or ricotta so it does not dry out. I have these beautiful asparagus that I might adding as well fro extra veggies.

Wednesday: Shrimps with Israeli couscous salad. The couscous salad is new but easy to do, I will add cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, tons of fresh herbs, olive oil and fresh lemon juice. Perfect for a weeknight.... The shrimps recipe is on the blog. I have to say that I always have some in the freezer because it is such a delicious and easy dish to prepare.... It has saved me many times when I was not sure what to make and had little time to make dinner.

Thursday: Eggplant parmesan. This is one of Marine's and I favorite recipe.... The boys actually like it as well, I usually serve this with a side of arugula salad and it pairs nicely together.

Friday: Summery greek inspired salad with grilled ahi tuna. The salad is from the blog and for the tuna, I will season it with oregano, rosemary, salt and pepper and sear it for 1-2 minutes on each side. I love when it is rare inside, if you don't use cook for a bit longer on each side.

Saturday: Salmon patties with cucumber, corn and tomato salad. During the summer I use corn in almost everything, because it pairs with so many dishes. Served here with these salmon patties, is really fresh and delicious! I usually do not cook the corn when it is from the farmers market and in season.

Sunday: Creamy lemon chicken with rice. A new recipe testing as well, it is based on my lemon chicken from the blog but I will add small pieces of summer squash in the sauce and capers... I used to order this from this Italian deli in Belgium and they made this sauce with veal cutlets and we would eat it all the time. I will try to recreate it and hopefully if it tastes as good as I imagine I will share!

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