Weekly meal plan 10/09

Oct 9 2022


Craving pumpkin and squash this week... I made pumpkin pancakes yesterday that were out of this world... Playing on making a chunky acorn squash fro dinner tomorrow and also a creamy squash pasta this week.... Oh and as long as I am using pumpkin puree I might make a pumpkin parfait for a video this week! Stay tuned.

Monday: Chunky acorn squash soup. This is going to be so delicious and easy... I am adapting  this new recipe from my fall minestrone and replacing some of the veggies in the there by acorn squash. I will share full details and video when I make it on Monday!

Tuesday: Slow cooker chicken bowls. I love a slow cooker recipe.... I put all the ingredients in there in the mooning and come home and have very little left to do. I will cook some rice in my rice cooker and add avocado, and serve it with cheese on the side for the boys and tortilla chips. The recipe will be based on my Mediterranean chicken recipe but the spices will change a bit. I will not add coriander nor turmeric. Instead I will add some lime and cilantro. This makes me hungry just writing about it.

Wednesday: Quiche 101  I am teaching. a class on Taste made, which I do every week now. I thought it would be fun to show how easy and versatile quiches can be. Feel free to check out me class and if you cont have time look up all the different versions I have in the recipes section.

Thursday: Crab cakes and mash potatoes. I don't know why but I have been craving crab cakes... Since I usually make those during the summer with a crunchy salad. I thought that  a smooth mash potato should give this dish more fall vibes.

Friday: Niçoise inspired trouts. I am giving a twist to my trout recipe that I love and we'll see how it turns out. Maybe this salmon Niçoise recipe is a good inspiration if you want to give it a try.

Saturday: Spaghetti with a creamy butternut squash sauce. I haven't made this one but have read a lot about it lately. Since I am in total fall flavor mood, this should do the trick. Here is the recipe that I will follow as an inspiration.

Sunday: Burger night. Sunday is about easy recipes... Boys love their burger and I can make a veggie version for me... Sweet potato fries are a must, a classic coleslaw and done!

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