Weekly meal plan

May 10 2020


I have kind of  lost track of time somehow... Not sure how long we've been home anymore and can't remember what normal day life used to be... One good thing in all this, is that my weekly meal plan really helps me keep some sense of normality and routine for our family. So here we go with this week's plan....

Lunch: Italian rice salad. I have made rice this week end and have quite a bit leftover, so when that happens I usually make fried rice or some sort of Italian rice salad, adding some pesto mozzarella, prosciutto and tomatoes, easily done! In this case Italian rice just sounded a bit different and like a good idea...
Dinner: Spring pea and zucchini soup with chicken meatballs. I will share this one on my stories as I make it tomorrow. It is really easy and reminds of my childhood, my mom always used to add mini meatballs in our soup when she wanted us to have a full meal... zucchini and spring peas cook really fast so this is a super easy one. I will start wit my usual "mirepoix" and zucchini also, add a parmesan grind, in the last five minutes add the spring peas and cook the meatballs separately... Sounds like a plan!

Lunch: BLT. Harry loves BLT with avocado, and I use turkey bacon... For the non sandwich eaters I will make a BLT salad version and make a classic white wine vinegar to go with it.
Dinner: Salmon Poke bowls. I am making a video for Frank and Eileen's Instagram and thought that this recipe is quite fun, delicious and easily adaptable if you want to mix it up... Tune in on Tuesday at 5:00 to find out more.


Lunch: Caprese salad and  cheese avocado quesadillas. I have to keep on coming with lunches for everyone everyday, Caprese is one of Marine's fave and quesadilla always make everyone happy around here so it is a win win for everyone!

Dinner: Slow cooker bolognese. I have a whole day planned to organize my veggie garden so I need to be prepared and have dinner under control.... This is a good way to do so and I can have spaghetti squash option for the non carbs eater like me :)


Lunch: Sushi sandwiches. Since I made sushi rice for the poke bowl on Tuesday, I might as well use the leftovers for these fun sushi rolls/sandwiches... Smoked salmon, tuna, cucumber, avocado are all perfect fillings for these.
Dinner: Tray bake Chinese chicken and veggies. I am teaching a zoom video for my school that day at 5:00 and thought that this should be an easy enough recipe to share and will be a winner with everyone, so tune in that day if you want to see how easy dinner preparation can be and enjoy a glass of wine with me...


Lunch: Chicken salad. As you may have noticed I love using the same ingredients for a couple of meals, so when I make rice I always find a way to use it again... In this case I made chicken last night and will gladly use the leftover to make a spring chicken salad today.
Dinner: Tuna steak and steamed veggies. I will season the steak with salt pepper and olive oil and grill them for 2-3 minus on each sides... As for veggies, I will steam the spinach, peas and some broccoli and sauté some garlic with olive oil and shallots and add soy sauce or something.

Lunch:  Avocado carpaccio with smoked salmon and bagels. This super easy lunch is simply thinly sliced avocados with a drizzle of olive oil, flaky salt and pepper with some smoked salmon and a side of everything bagels and little gem salad.

Dinner: Baked sole with garlicky butter.  This is a new recipe that I have been working on, I will make a lemon butter sauce with garlic, spoon it over the sole and bake  it int he oven at 400F for 6-8 minutes..... I might get inspired by this recipe but will clean it up as much as possible, no cheese in it for sure, keeping it clean and delicious!


Lunch: Quiche and crudités.  This is always my go to when I need an easy brunch that can be satisfying and "fancy" and delicious and EASY... I get to empty the fridge with whatever leftovers veggies I have, add some cheese and anything I feel would fit in it...
Dinner: Leftover bowls. Or maybe take out... I don't know yet... In case I don't want to cook, we can assemble easily leftovers and make a delicious dinner bowl to order take out in case I really need a break!

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