Weekly meal plan

May 3 2021


Mother's day week ahead of us... Getting lots of delicious food but keeping git even more easy than usual so I get a it of tome off.... So here we go with this week's plan....

 Spring pea and zucchini soup with chicken meatballs. I will share this one on my stories as I make it tomorrow. It is really easy and reminds of my childhood, my mom always used to add mini meatballs in our soup when she wanted us to have a full meal... zucchini and spring peas cook really fast so this is a super easy one. I will start wit my usual "mirepoix" and zucchini also, add a parmesan grind, in the last five minutes add the spring peas and cook the meatballs separately... Sounds like a plan!

Tuesday: Salmon Poke bowls. Always a winner this one with the kiddos!

Wednesday: Slow cooker bolognese. I have a whole day planned to organize my veggie garden so I need to be prepared and have dinner under control.... This is a good way to do so and I can have spaghetti squash option for the non carbs eater like me :)

Thursday:  Tray bake Chinese chicken and veggies. I love on tray dinner, so easy to prepare and super easy to clean!

Friday: Tuna steak and steamed veggies. I will season the steak with salt pepper and olive oil and grill them for 2-3 minus on each sides... As for veggies, I will steam the spinach, peas and some broccoli and sauté some garlic with olive oil and shallots and add soy sauce or something.

Lunch:  Avocado carpaccio with smoked salmon and bagels. This super easy lunch is simply thinly sliced avocados with a drizzle of olive oil, flaky salt and pepper with some smoked salmon and a side of everything bagels and little gem salad.

Dinner: Baked sole with garlicky butter.  This is a new recipe that I have been working on, I will make a lemon butter sauce with garlic, spoon it over the sole and bake  it int he oven at 400F for 6-8 minutes..... I might get inspired by this recipe but will clean it up as much as possible, no cheese in it for sure, keeping it clean and delicious!


Lunch: Quiche and crudités.  This is always my go to when I need an easy brunch that can be satisfying and "fancy" and delicious and EASY... I get to empty the fridge with whatever leftovers veggies I have, add some cheese and anything I feel would fit in it...
Dinner: Leftover bowls. Or maybe take out... I don't know yet... In case I don't want to cook, we can assemble easily leftovers and make a delicious dinner bowl to order take out in case I really need a break!

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