Weekly meal plan

May 18 2020


Today was a good day, I got to go to the farmers market which is one of my favorite thing to do. I love the produces and everything just tastes better... It feels a bit surreal with masks everywhere and new the way of serving and social distancing and all... But as long as I can go, I'll take it... Then I took my little guy for a quick boogie board session at the beach for 1 hour... Again with the masks and social distancing, but it was nice to get out of the house and do something almost normal again....I attended my veggie garden and Marine made cookies... Over all I consider that a pretty darn good Sunday!  Here we go with this week's plan....

Lunch: Little gems salad loaded with veggies and quesadillas for the boys. I don't really have a recipe for that. I just bought plenty of delicious veggies today that I want use when they are really fresh... It will be assembling little gems, radishes, carrots, cucumbers, walnuts, avocado and carrot dressing that I have working on and will share later on. Or maybe a green goddess dressing... We' ll see.
Dinner: Ramen veggie bowls. I love taking a break from animal protein on Monday, I think it is a good way to start the week clean. I am making a video of this that Frank and Eileen will share on their social... As soon as I know when exactly, I will make sure to post the details so you can watch it.

Lunch: Tortellini al pesto for kids and frisée salad with poached egg for me and hubby. I really go by making a couple of different lunches everyday since it is a full house... The good thing is that it is always with easy options. I have store bought pesto, and fresh tortellini take 3 minutes to cook so that is done. The frisée salad has been on my mind for a while and I am not sure the kids would like it... So this way it is a win win for everyone!
Dinner: Tequila lime chicken with corn edamame veggie mix. The chicken is on the the blog but veggies are not yet. I am making a live that day at 5:oo p.m. showing you how to do the whole thing and will post later on.


Lunch: Mexican chopped salad from my friend Pamela Salzman cookbook. I love that cookbook, eerythingin there is easy  and delicious! Tis seems like a lunch that everyone would enjoy... Maybe a little side of guac and chips just for fun!

Dinner: Greek chicken dinner pan. I haven't made this on in a while, super easy and delicious and all done in 1 tray....What is not to love about that right!


Lunch: Scramble eggs and avocado and greens. Everyone love eggs around here, I can always make egg sandwiches fro the boys fro something a little more sturdy and keep it simple for me and my girl! Or even better, make avocado toast and top them with the scrambled eggs....
Dinner: Crispy tofu and shiratakee noodles with veggies and sesame dressing. I know what you are going to say, shiitake what? Well log into my instagram and check my live cooking glass at 5:00 to see what I am talking about! I am really excited about this one, it si king to be a good one!!!


Lunch: Greek feta  spinach pie. This is for my weekly video, and also another recipe that I am excited for. Here is the recipe that I will base it on if you want to cook alongside me.... Knowing me I will surely tweak it but will make sure to post what I come up with, stay tuned. Not sure if I am feeling a bit nostalgic about Greece but I am getting inspired by Mediterranean food this week!
Dinner: Tuna burgers wrapped in lettuce. I will adapt my salmon recipe and swap it fro tuna... I have done it in the past and it turned out delicious!

Lunch:  Quiche Lorraine (using turkey bacon). This is another one I haven't made in a while it is really simple. If you check all the quiche recipes on my blog this is not on yet, but instead of the adds on that I list, simply cook some bacon and add it to the eggs and cook it in the dough...

Dinner: Chicken shawarma meatballs. I guess the trend of Mediterranean food is on this week!!!


LunchSavory Dutch oven baby, with green salad. The kids love these savory "crêpe' version.... It always look really impressive and is much easier than most people thin and of course is super yummy.
Dinner: Roasted wild Salmon California bowls. Roast some salmon, cook some rice, throw in whatever leftovers you have around and make a nice tahini lemon dressing  that you drizzle on top and done!!!

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