Weekly meal plan

Apr 17 2022


Happy Easter everyone! Keeping things yummy, easy and light the wet! Here we go with this week's plan....

Monday: Ramen veggie bowls. I love taking a break from animal protein on Monday, I think it is a good way to start the week clean.

Tuesday: Tequila lime chicken with corn edamame veggie mix. The chicken is on  the blog but veggies are not yet. It is really easy, just sautéing some corn with green onions and edamame and adding fresh lime and cilantro as well!

Wednesday: Greek chicken dinner pan. I am actually going to swap the chicken for white fish (since we are had chicken last night already), maybe cod or halibut... super easy and delicious and all done in 1 tray....What is not to love about that right!

Thursday: Crispy tofu and shiratakee noodles with veggies and sesame dressing. I know what you are going to say, shiratakee what?  I love this one, it is a good one, super easy, carb light and so delicious!!!

Friday: Tuna burgers wrapped in lettuce. I will adapt my salmon recipe and swap it for tuna... I have done it in the past and it turned out delicious!

Saturday:  Chicken shawarma meatballs. I guess the trend of Mediterranean food is on this week!!!

Sunday: Roasted wild Salmon California bowls. Roast some salmon, cook some rice, throw in whatever leftovers you have around and make a nice tahini lemon dressing  that you drizzle on top and done!!!

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