Weekly meal plan

Jun 7 2021


It is hard to believe that my kids end school this week... Even though things are slowly going back to normal it still feels a bit surreal with a weird sense of time... I miss Europe and my family and since I do not think we will travel over there this summer, I am trying to bring Europe food and vibes to us so we can have a feel of it...


Lentil soup Italian style. I love soups for dinner.. We tend to have them at least once a week since it makes for an easy, healthy and filling dinner. Plus it is good to eat light once in a while to give your body a break.

Buffalo cauliflower and tahini broccoli. I can't explain why but I really feel like loading veggies this week. When prepared this way, everyone eats them without complains or no-one misses animal proteins. So I take advantage of it and feed my family as much veggies as possible.


Linguine a la vongole. Taking a trip to Italy today and making one of my favorite dish of all time... As simple as it gets with olive oil, garlic, red chili flakes, 1 tomato, Italian parsley and clams. This dish takes me straight to a summer night on the Amalfi Coast... Maybe we could drink Bellinis and have a tiramisu or budino for dessert... If I make a dessert, I will share and post for sure!


Veggie and tofu stir fry. When in doubt and not sure what I want to cook, this is always a great way to go.... Maybe some fried rice or sesame noodles for a nice side for kiddos and dinner is ready in less than 20.


Sesame orange chicken with crispy rice. My kids have always loved this dish which they have had at school or something from Panda Express, which I just can't... So instead I came up with a version that satisfies everyone. I have a similar recipe on the blog but am tweaking it here and will post the updated version soon and shoot the video as well.

Lunch : Grilled shrimps with tomato cucumber salad.  I always keep shrimps in the freezer since it makes for a super easy meal and takes 5 minutes to cook. I think that pairs really well with a delicious heirloom tomato and cucumber salad, as simply as it sounds. Chopped with a drizzle of olive oil and lemon juice, salt and pepper and fresh basil. If I can find sweet corn I might even grill it and add it off the cob in the salad ( I might save 1 or 2 on the cob for Harry since he likes it that way so much!)

Dinner: Bolognese. Since this can be served on top of spaghetti squash or regular noodles, it makes everyone happy :)) I might add some roasted broccoli on the side


Lunch: Watermelon feta salad with prosciutto and garlic ciabatta. Week-ends are all about making different salads and plate everything nicely on the outside table so my family can nibble on lots of different  small dishes, kind of tapas style if you like. I always make a large crudités platter (at almost every lunch) because I find it the best way to have my children eat a lot of vegetables. Every time I do it, we get through the entire plate and eat it all.
Dinner: Grilled chicken with peach salad. Peaches are  in season right now and taste absolutely amazing! I made this recipe for a video a while ago and every summer when peach season is there I enjoy it so much!

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