Weekly meal plan

Jun 5 2022


It is hard to believe that my kids end school this week... I have 2 that are graduating, one is going to middle school and the other to college... How did that happen so fast?!

Anyway, we have a fun summer Europe trip planned to go see our families... So I am getting ready ro our trip an dimmers guy family int delicious European food!

Monday: Lentil soup Italian style. I love soups for dinner.. We tend to have them at least once a week since it makes for an easy, healthy and filling dinner. Plus it is good to eat light once in a while to give your body a break.

Tuesday: Buffalo cauliflower and tahini broccoli. I can't explain why but I really feel like loading veggies this week. When prepared this way, everyone eats them without complains or no-one misses animal proteins. So I take advantage of it and feed my family as much veggies as possible.

Wednesday: Linguine a la vongole. Taking a trip to Italy today and making one of my favorite dish of all time... As simple as it gets with olive oil, garlic, red chili flakes, 1 tomato, Italian parsley and clams. This dish takes me straight to a summer night on the Amalfi Coast... Maybe we could drink Bellinis and have a tiramisu or budino for dessert... If I make a dessert, I will share and post for sure!

Thursday: Veggie and tofu stir fry. When in doubt and not sure what I want to cook, this is always a great way to go.... Maybe some fried rice or sesame noodles for a nice side for kiddos and dinner is ready in less than 20.

Friday: Sesame orange chicken with crispy rice. My kids have always loved this dish which they have had at school or something from Panda Express, which I just can't... So instead I came up with a version that satisfies everyone. I have a similar recipe on the blog but am tweaking it here and will post the updated version soon and shoot the video as well.

Saturday: Bolognese. Since this can be served on top of spaghetti squash or regular noodles, it makes everyone happy :)) I might add some roasted broccoli on the side

Sunday: Grilled chicken with peach salad. Peaches are  in season right now and taste absolutely amazing! I made this recipe for a video a while ago and every summer when peach season is there I enjoy it so much!

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