Weekly meal plan

Jun 13 2021


It is officially summer! Kids are out of school!! I like to take it easy as well when kids are off.... The thing is that we don't have to rush or be a on schedule which I love. Even if kids have camps and stuff it is way more relaxed than during school year. Having time an done specific plans is really a vacation for me.. So keeping it casual as much as possible.


Dinner: Lemon chicken and sweet corn soup. I love soups for dinner. We tend to have them at least once a week since it makes for an easy, healthy and filling dinner. I can either make this one with rotisserie chicken or use my insta pot and have it ready in 10 minutes.

Dinner: Veggie stir fry with sesame noodles and crispy tofu. I love make a stir-fry, since you can always improvise and use whatever veggies you have in your fridge... I have been craving the crispy tofu I made a while ago so I am doing it again and my kids love these sesame noodles which will be the perfect base here.


Dinner: Spicy garlicky shrimps with tahini broccoli and buffalo cauliflower. The shrimps only take a few minutes to cook, which always make for an easy dinner... Broiled broccoli is Harry's favorite and will be great with a nice lemon tahini drizzle.... And the cauliflower is my obsession, I am going to try to nail this (which I have failed a few times) and when I do I promise to share... Meanwhile I am linking it to a great recipe! I will use this recipe as a base, it is the same base!


Dinner:  Crab cakes with coleslaw and crispy smashed potatoes Over the past few weeks I have made dishes from places we have travelled to in the past. This week seems to be Nantucket where I had the best crab cakes ever.... Alongside coleslaw and crunchy potatoes, and a nice glass of crips white wine and I will almost feel like I am there!


Dinner:Italian sheet pan chicken dinner. Sheet pans with chicken (when cut into small pieces) are a very fast and efficient way to make dinner. Add in some quick cooking veggies and lots of spices and you have a super flavorfull dinner in one take.

Lunch : Beet salad, endive and apple salad and green fennel salad. I feel like making different options and they are all easy to make... I love making a large spread of different food, especially on week-ends so everyone can have what they like...

Dinner: Turkey burgers. I have been craving these burgers for a while.... I can grill some veggies alongside, maybe some corn and zucchinis, make a nice sriracha aioli, pickled veggies et voilà. This recipe from Goop is one of my favorite: easy, clean and delicious!


Lunch: Caesar salad, with soft boiled eggs, grilled chicken and/or steak...   I love a good caesar and both proteins will be great if we have leftovers for sandwiches next week... That way everyone is happy!
Dinner: Niçoise Salmon bowls. I cannot wait to go to the famers' market in the morning, get some nice fish and lots of veggies.. I will cook some quinoa as well and keep the extra for the week just so I have some meal prep for lunches and all... This Niçoise salad presented in individual bowls will be perfect for it, I am just adding  the quinoa as a base!

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