Weekly meal plan

Jun 26 2022


It is my anniversary in a few days (20 years) and July is around the corner... I have a feeling that summer will fly by once again.... I have one kid going away for camp tomorrow and my 2 boys coming back next week-end... Anyway summer means fresh fruits and veggies and lots of salads and easy no cook meals which are my fave kind!

Monday:Dinner: Summer green cold soup  I love soups for dinner. I have been wanting to try this one for a while, so let's try it together and see how we like it. It looks and sounds delicious and really nice for a warm summer night.... If you end up making it, please DM me to let me know and I will post and share as well!

Tuesday: Dinner: Summer squash gratin . I like this here because I can serve it on its own for a lighter dinner or have some grain with it such as quinoa, rice or couscous, maybe add chickpeas for extra proteins. If anyone feels like it I can quickly grill some chicken on the bbq ( I always have some in my freezer) and it is still super easy and fast.

Wednesday: Dinner: Halibut Niçoise. This is so easy and delicious, I need to do a bit of chopping and grill the fish. I prepare everything and plate it nicely keeping everything separate, I leave the dressing on the side and so everyone can make their own the way they like it... I like serving this with grilled garlicky pitta breads, I can make it alongside the fish and it only takes 2 min.

Thursday: Dinner:  Pesto meatballs with Italian veggie rice I might just spend my entire summer making Italian inspired meals... Since it makes me happy and everyone loves it here.... I always have pesto sauce in the fridge or freezer, either store bought or homemade, either work great and will add tons of flavor to any dish!

Friday: Dinner: Spaghetti Caprese. I have been feeling like Italian food a lot lately, it is fresh, tastes amazing and is relatively easy to make. They key is to showcase the products rather than the dish.... In this case ripe and tasty heirloom tomatoes and good quality burrata are key! The only thing you need to do is to cook the pasta. Tomatoes are chopped and leave to rest for a bit and done! This is what you will need to amex this : 2 heirloom tomatoes, burrata, basil, olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper.

Saturday: Dinner: Salmon cakes with corn zucchini salad. You can either use fresh salmon or canned salmon for these ones... I taught these at a cooking class a whiles ago and I remember everyone being skeptical and tasting it to be polite but ended up going for seconds because they all loved it so much. I promise you that if you try this one, you will be surprised how delicious it is! These salmon cakes can be made on the grill and are a great and fun 4th of July dinner...

Sunday: Dinner: Ravioli casserole and kale salad I want easy after such a lunch feast... I don't really eat ravioli but everyone else does in my family so they will be happy. I use good quality store bought tomato sauce so it is really fast to prep this... The kale salad with parmesan, crispy chickpeas and lemon vinaigrette pairs nicely here and makes me happy!

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