Weekly meal plan

Jul 26 2020


Summer time is always my favorite season to cook. Veggies and fruits taste amazing and fresh, salads are the best, the grill is always on (which means no cleaning)... Easy, fresh and delicious, I mean what is not to like here, right!?

Monday: Chicken an avocado soup.  I am making a simple veggie broth, adding rotisserie chicken, jalapeño, cilantro, tomatoes and finishing with avocado just before serving...I will post this one but it is pretty clear and straightforward recipe if you want give it a try already.

Tuesday: Cauliflower pizza with ricotta and heirloom tomatoes. I have these already made cauliflower pizza crust the I just need to reheat. I will spread fresh ricotta and add sliced fresh heirloom tomatoes on one and maybe prosciutto and fresh burrata on another one, just so kids ave options. Chopped Italian salad on the side for extra veggies and all is good!

Wednesday: Faro salad with chickpeas. I am adapting this recipe from my blog a bit, just swiping for more summer veggies and finishing it with chickpeas for proteins. I love farro, we don't use it enough but are trying to mix up our grains intake. My goal is always to try and have a wide variety of cuisine and get my kids exposed to a lot of food so they get adventurous!

Thursday: Flank steak with corn on the cob and crunchy slaw. It is Harry's bday that day and he asked fro all his favorite food including this one... He get to choose it all on his big day, that is how we do it in our house ( especially during Covid and restricted times).

Friday: Summer trouts and corn, tomato and avocado salad. I love trouts and haven't made them in a while, they only take a couple of minutes on each side to cook and with  olive oil, salt and pepper it is pretty easy. My corn salad will add the right balance of flavor here and will be perfect!

Saturday: Crispy tofu with sauté veggies. I feel like an easy dinner and also need a real form animal protein. y entire family loves this crispy tofu recipe so that is lucky... Maybe some rice as well fro the boys who usually need something a bit more consistent.

Sunday: Balsamic arugula salt with grilled chicken, peaches and feta.  I read about something similar in a  magazine the other day and thought that this sound really nice and delicious and easy enough fro a Sunday night dinner. I only need to grill the chicken and make a balsamic dressing.... The rest is just slicing and assembling. I linking a recipe here that is pretty similar to what I plan on making until I post.

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