Weekly meal plan

Aug 24 2020


School starts tomorrow and I cannot believe it! It feels that we had no summer with COVID! Since it is online school, it makes things even more abstract... I feel that if schools were to go back in person it would it all be easier on everyone... Well we are still all in this together so let's do this and stay strong! Maybe following an easy weekly meal plan might provide a little bit of help for some (I know it does for me) which I truly hope it does!!!

Monday: Corn gazpacho with chopped tomatoes and avocado.  This is a really delicious and easy dinner.... I like starting the week with something super easy and fast to cook! This soup takes seconds to make by simply putting all the ingredients in the blender, adding some avocado and tomato chunks as toppings which gives it a nice texture. I might do toasted English muffins with maybe mozzarella cheese for the kids, I am sure they will enjoy that!

Tuesday: Italian dinner. This is the easiest kind of dinner but sometimes this is what I need. Caprese salad, prosciutto and melon, bruschetta, arugula with avocado and sun dried tomatoes.... Family style dinner where everyone can help themselves and it just sounds delicious!

Wednesday: Crispy tofu with air fried veggies. Perfect for a weeknight....I want to try to make the tofu in the oven and will share the details if it turns out how I want... Veggies will go in the air fryer and adding some soy sauce, salt and pepper when cooked!

Thursday: Chicken kebabs with pittas, hummus and greek salad. I will  grill the chicken outside with the pitta bread which will be perfect with a greek salad.... After all even if kids will be back to school, it is sill summer and this kind of dish surely feels like it!!

Friday: Salmon tartare. I can prep this in advance and just leave it in the fridge until dinner time. Some rice or cauliflower rice, avocado, cucumber salad and edamame will compliment nicely this dish here for whoever wants more texture... This kind of dinner is always easy when we do it buffet style and everyone loves it like that!

Saturday: Summer veggie tartlets with kale salad. Since I use puff pastry this requires very little hands on which I love! It is loaded with veggies and I feel that the kale salad will be a great side dish here!

Sunday: Skinny shrimp caesar salad. Sunday is when I go to the farmers market and get beautiful little gems and also wild shrimps which is all I need here! I do not want to cook too much on Sunday nights, I am tired and love to take it easy... Everyone loves caesar here so it is a win win!

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