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Aug 29 2022


September is almost here... It is crazy how this summer went by and ended so fast... I know we still have a good 2 months of super nice weather here in sunny California but still, summer is gone! Some of my kids are back at school this week and one is in college. I'm going back to some sort of routine for dinners and all.... So here is what we are having next week.

Monday: Miso soup with glass noddles and corn and leftover rotisserie chicken. This is a super easy dinner.... I find the amazing miso broth at the market on Sunday ( you can always add miso paste to veggie broth or chicken broth). I cook glass noodles and add them to the broth and add some  quick cooking veggies such as corn, spinach or kale, peas, summer squash... My kids like some sort of protein so either rotisserie chicken or little cubes of tofu and dinner is done in 15-20 minutes! I am getting inspired from my ramen bowls recipe for this one, it is relatively similar.

Tuesday: Quinoa fried rice. This is the easiest kind of dinner especially when you have leftover veggies or frozen ones... You can do it Italian style with garlic and chili flakes or asian with ginger, garlic and soy sauce.... Add some eggs, shrimps, edamame for more proteins and again, another easy dinner in no time! I like mixing grains and am using quinoa here since I will be making rice tomorrow night.

Wednesday: Veggie rice rolls and dumplings. I make these dumplings from goop which is a fun thing to do and does not take too much time. The good thing is that when I do make these, I always prepare extras and freeze them  for later. I can cook some sushi rice in my rice cooker and make some rice rolls with smoked salmon or tuna or something like that because I know my kids will love it... Same with the rice, cook some more so you have extra for lunch the next day or simply freeze it for next time. I love having things handy for a quickly put together meal when I don't have time.

Thursday: Spaghetti with shrimps and beans. I love this recipe especially when tomatoes are in season and so flavorful. Kids are always happy with pasta and I can toss this with zucchini noodles for me if I don't feel like carbs.

Friday: Corn risotto with sauté summer squash. I am making the most of sweet corn season which is almost over... I am not sure I will use rice here but maybe farro and I want to use these beautiful mini summer squash I bought at the market today, the best way might to do so is simply sauté them with garlic and onion for 4-5 minutes. I can add them on the risotto once cooked and we have a packed veggie dinner! I have linked a recipe that I like here and will inspire me, since I always tweak things around, I will make sure to post my version afterwards.

Saturday: 1 tray roasted salmon and veggies This varies according to season and what veggies I use but it is a good staple all year long. I love salmon so much and find that it gets tons of flavor when I bake it this way, plus it is fast!

Sunday: DIY pizza bar. I buy pizza dough from the market and the sauce a well... Then I let the kids put all the toppings they want on their pizza and they love getting into it and making their own pizzas... It is a win win for everyone!

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  • Roxy / Aug 31 2020

    your recipes are phenomenal, thanks a thousand

    • Virginie Degryse / Sep 2 2020

      Thank you for saying that, it makes me so happy and means a lot to me 🙂

  • Sylvie / Aug 25 2021

    Absolutely love the recipes ! The little asparagus and prosciutto pastries ! :-))

  • Bandi / Oct 17 2022

    Hi! I love how informative and great your articles are. Can you recommend any other blogs that share blogs that share information on Vegan Salmon or vegan recipes in general? Thanks a lot!

    • Virginie Degryse / Nov 2 2022

      I love Justin snacks and deliciously Ella, you can find both on Instagram

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