Weekly meal plan 11/08

Nov 6 2022


We changed time this morning, which means shorter days and more comfort food.... Even if we do not really get a winter here, it still gets chili. When the cooler moths are here I love making warming food. Shepherd pie is on the menu this week, creamy cauliflower soup, some pasta, roasted chicken,.... All the kind of dish that we would eat when I grew up in Belgium during the fall and winter times! I tweak them off course because I cannot help it and make a healthier versions of them!

Monday: Cauliflower soup,  Monday night soup as always! Some toasted and crunchy baguette for the kiddos. I love also roasting little bits of the cauliflower unit they ge crunchy and add them on top of the soup!

Tuesday: Shepherd pie.  I am teaching the sweet potato prison fro m french cooking class that day so it is a no brainier that we'll have that for dinner on Tuesday!

Wednesday: Spaghetti with meatballs with tomato sauce . This is a really easy, delicious recipe!!! I Do it in the slow cooker for extra flavor....

Thursday: Honey mustard glazed salmon. I always make fish once a week. Since my daughter discovered the salmon rice bowl that is viral on Tiktok ( that I posted on the blog as well)  she asks for salmon every week so she can make it the next day for her lunch...

Friday: Pesto cauliflower steak with cherry tomato sauce. I am craving this and everyone loves it here as well. I serve this with pesto rice for the boys and if they need something extra, I can always toss some steaks on the grill and have them ready in 10 minutes tops!

Saturday: Zucchini flat bread. I need an easy dinner once a week. Either we order in something or I keep it casual with something like this recipe. Maybe a yummy salad on the side and diner is done in no time. I love using cauliflower crust or chickpea crust as well for a healthier version...

Sunday: Roasted chicken with crispy potatoes and apple sauce. I love this recipe. Nothing says Sunday night dinner like the small of roasted chicken in the house!


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