Weekly meal plan

Oct 4 2020


I keep things on check and really easy with my weekly meal plans. I think that with all the craziness with covid and restrictions going on, keeping some sense of routine really helps me... I buy a lot of fresh produces on Sunday at the farmers market and make my meal according to it. Then I go to supermarket on Mondays and Fridays for whatever else I need. I also like to keep my freezers stocked up.

Monday: Cauliflower spinach soup. This is as usual how I start my soups with mirepoix and olive oil, adding cauliflower and stock until the cauliflower is tender and cooked through. Then adding the spinach in the end, just before blending it so it keeps its nutrients and vibrant color. Adjusting seasoning before serving... There is going to be toasted bread or baguette with soy kind of spread (because kids love having something to dip in the soup). I will post it on the blog because this is a new one but I want to be sure I prefect it before I share.

Tuesday: Turkey chili. I haven't made chili in a while beach the weather has been so hot... My fave part about it is the toppings: avocado, cheese, sour cream, tortilla chips, .... Plus it can be made in a slow cooker ahead of time....

Wednesday: Fried rice. I might do this recipe linked or try out something with brown rice and kimchi that I have read about. If I do I will definitely share if it is successful and worth it.

Thursday: Chicken with orzo pasta. I like the 1 pot dinner at least once a week.. Orzo pasta cooks quickly so it works nicely here. You could add kale, peas, spinach or some similar veggies that coos quickly for extra greens....

Friday: Miso salmon with coconut rice. I haven't made miso fish in a while an dam so excited to do it... It is super say and flavorful. The marinade takes a couple of minutes to assemble and the fish cooks in less than 15... The rice gets done in my rice cooker so it is a no brainer.... Easy and delicious Friday night dinner!

Saturday: Shrimp and farro salad. My kids love shrimps, I cook everything separate here so if I wan tot keep this vegetarian, this work really nicely here. Again the sis a very versatile dish where you can add or takeaway veggies as you feel like.

Sunday: Veggie noodles al pesto. I might add some real pasta in there fro kiddos since they might want something more substantial but I love veggie noodles... I might add chickpeas, edamame or something along the line for extra proteins.... The veggie noodles re from frozen section  at Trader Joe's, so it makes this really easy one me... A for the pesto, I might use homemade or store nought (since you can find so many delicious store bought options nowadays).

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