Weekly meal plan

Oct 11 2020


Cooking all the time has its ups and downs, some day I cannot take it anymore and there's I feel super inspired. I really try to keep a mix of really easy recipes and new ones so it stays manageable for me. This coming week has quite a few new ones, I am really inspired and will share as I go along!

Monday: Pumpkin soup with grilled cheese croutons. This is going to be so delicious and easy... Like I have said before when falls is here I go for all things pumpkin... I want to use pumpkin purée so it make sit really easy for me.... Sometimes I just need to lighten the load of cooking and make it easy, so this will be perfect.... I might use this soup recipe from the blog as a reference but always end up tweaking things a bit. My trick here is to add these grilled cheese croutons which will make my kids so happy!

Tuesday: Slow cooker  Thai peanut chicken. I am testing a new recipe, since we are getting into colder weather, it means that my crockpot is going to come out more... Tuesdays are a bit busier than other days as some sports have started again... By the time I get home, it is dinner time so I need things to make ahead and be ready for me when I need it. The flavor profile will be similar to my miso crockpot chicken recipe

Wednesday: Sesame tofu steaks I will adapt my recipe from the crispy tofu satay here and just keep bigger pieces, maybe some coconut rice and air fried cauliflower and Brussels sprouts on the side.

Thursday: Orzo spinach pea bake with pesto sauce and feta. This sounds as easy as it is.... I am very inspired this week and trying a lot of new things. I plan on cooking it all together until the water is absorbed and then I will be adding the pesto in the end, sprinkling some feta and broil it so the cheese has a chance to caramelize and give max favor!!!!

Friday: Greek style chicken Paillard. I am combining 2 of the recipes that I love and we'll see how it turns out. I don't see how I can go wrong here, I am hungry just thinking about it. Also I cannot believe that I don  not have a chicken Paillard yet on the blog,... Well this will be resolved this week, coming up on Friday!!!

Saturday: Marinated salmon with couscous pilaf.  I haven't made this one in a while and sounds exactly what I want, sometimes I just go fro my cravings, sometimes the kids say what they want and sometimes I do with what I have or we order in. The important thing is to be flexible and adapt!

Sunday: Grilled veggie platter with a green quinoa. Sunday is about low key, I know that when I roast veggies I can do would portion and have extra at hand for lunches fro the following days. I might add them in my salad, a sandwich for the kids, with eggs, pasta or rice.... Since I am cooking 3 meals a day almost every day, I like have leftovers and repurpose them for lunches.... I have to be practical for my sanity!

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