Weekly meal plan

Oct 30 2022


I have bee inspired lately and have been on a new recipes cooking mission. I got a couple of new cookbook and always love finding new flavor and texture combination. I never follow a recipe to the letter but always tweak it by adding something to it or subbing an ingredient or 2. That is the way my mom told me to cook and it is really fun!

Monday: Pumpkin soup with pumpkin dinner rolls. This was supposed to be last Monday dinner but it was too hot for soup. So I am going to give this another try! I might make pumpkin dinner rolls for fun to go with it....  I will use this soup recipe from the blog as a reference but always end up tweaking things a bit.

Tuesday: Salmon sashimi bowls. I am loving my new cookbook "Chasing flavors" and he shares this easy salmon recipe that seems super easy and delicious. He uses some sauce and fresh herbs that really makes this dish special. Kids will like it if I cook some sushi rice and cut some avocado and radishes and other toppings (edamame, seaweed, cucumbers, grated carrots,....) and make this into a dinner bowl.

Wednesday: Grilled Mexican shrimps. I found these beautiful red wild shrimps at the market today and want to prepare them with some cumin paprika, lime juice cilantro and sauté them... Serving the shrimps with a farro salad like the online linked here.

Thursday: Squash dinner. I also found a bunch of winter squash at the market today and want to use them, I think that a fall veggie tray bake style with some quinoa and feta casserole would be delicious here. Simply follow the recipe for the veggies (using squash mainly), cook some quinoa with green onions and veggie stock ( for added flavor). Toss together, transfer to a baking dish, sprinkle some feta and broil. Maybe chop some fresh herbs and squeeze some lemon... I will share the exact recipe afterwards but this should give you a head start...

Friday: Gnocchi al pestoI love Trader Joe's cauliflower gnocchi and simply sauté them in a pan wit olive oil salt and pepper. When they are golden brown and crisp I add some store bought peso sauce with a bit of hot water. Toss with parmesan cheese and serve.... TJ also has kale gnocchi, this would be really pretty with a mix of both.... Maybe sausages as well for the boys, but this is as simple as it sounds.

Saturday: Harvest chicken tray bake. Easy 1 tray dinner bake dinner which always makes me super happy, plus it is delicious.

Sunday: Spaghetti Caccio peppe with petite peas. This is a classic that I like to make with a mix of zucchini noodles and regular pasta for me, add frozen peas and crispy sage bits....

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