Weekly meal plan

Oct 16 2022


The weather has finally cooled down and it feels like fall here which. It makes me so happy. I have been Baking quite a bit with apples and pumpkin ( separately but I should combine them now that I am saying).

MondayCauliflower white bean soup with garlicky herb biscuits.  I have been wanting to try try to make this combo for a while. I am really into cauliflower and it eat it all the time, I feel like it goes with everything!

Tuesday: Turkey chili. Kids have been asking for an easy chili for a while and I feel that the weather is cool enough now for it!! I always make extra and freeze some for later!!!

Wednesday: Creamy butternut squash Caccio Peppe  This is a really easy and delicious one!!!

Thursday: Korean beef bowls. I haven't made these in ages and I know it is one of my kids favorite... Plus it is so easy to make! You can always sub the beef for turkey or chicken.... I should try a version with tofu, I am sure it would be delicious!!

Friday: Slow roasted salmon I buy this amazing salmon at the farmers market on Sundays, it tastes so much better than anything I can find in stores. If I don't make it right away I freeze it for another day. I like this recipe as it keeps the salmon really moist and tender. I want to try this roasted cabbage recipe with it and maybe some crispy broccoli or something...

Saturday: One tray fall chicken and veggies.  Super delicious and versatile.

Sunday: Impossible burgers with sweet potato fries. I love these veggie burgers, they are the next best thing to homemade ones when I need a break form cooking. Some sweet potato fries and coleslaw and dinner is done in no time!!


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